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Elvis Presley: Pre-Orders for Official Graphic Novel Now Being Offered

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Images)

We know Elvis Presley as an icon. He was the King of Rock and Roll. At the same time, he was a fashion icon and movie star. Just about every aspect of his life has become the stuff of legend. However, he walked a long road that started in poverty to get to that point. Like other aspects of his life, much is known about his beginnings. However, we are about to get a whole new perspective on the King’s story.

An official Elvis Presley graphic novel is on the way. This seems like the most fitting way in which to chronicle Elvis’s rise to fame. After all, the King loved comic books. In fact, much of his image came from a comic book character. He took inspiration for his sideburns, capes, and even his iconic TCB logo from Freddy Freeman, also known as Captain Marvel Jr.

The book hits shelves next month. However, fans who want to make sure they get a copy can pre-order copies right now. The Elvis Presley estate posted an update on the hotly anticipated project yesterday. Check out the tweet below to catch a glimpse of the epic cover art.

The tweet gives a few more details. For instance, if you pre-order the Elvis Presley graphic novel, you can also get an exclusive vinyl record. That sounds like a pretty great deal.

More About the Elvis Presley Graphic Novel

The official Elvis Presley graphic novel has some serious power behind it.

An award-winning author with experience telling the story of legendary rockers adapted the King’s story for the book. Additionally, a Marvel Comics artist is on board to handle the art. However, the most reassuring thing is that they partnered with the Elvis Presley estate to bring the story to life. So, the graphic novel will be as close to getting it straight from the horse’s mouth as possible

Like many graphic novels, the Elvis Presley book will come in several editions both hardcover and paperback. The standard editions of either option come with just the book itself. You can get the hardcover, which is the most expensive of the standard editions, for just under $25. However, if you’re an Elvis superfan with money to burn, there are some truly stellar options.

The deluxe edition of the Elvis Presley graphic novel will cost $99.99. That edition is limited to 10,000 copies. It is hardcover and comes in a die-cut blue suede slipcase. You also get three high-quality prints and a limited edition picture disc of Elvis’ debut album.

The super limited edition comes with all of that plus a limited edition giclee art print. Each of the books will be signed by the book’s creative team and will be individually numbered. Shelfer will also add a drawing to each copy. Those come in at a whopping $299.99. There are only 500 of those.

Head over to the Z2 Comics Store and preorder yours now.