Elvis Presley and Priscilla Left Their Wedding in Another Music Icon’s Private Jet

by Matthew Wilson

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley were the toast of the town when they married in the 1960s. Even another music icon lent his help to celebrate the new union. And after the wedding, Presley and Priscilla rode in style.

They flew in Frank Sinatra’s private jet.

Presley and Sinatra may have been icons of separate genres, but the two formed a connection in the 1960s. Sinatra famously was against rock ‘n roll during the 1950s, the kind of music Presley made a name for himself in. But in 1960s, Sinatra extended an invitation to the King to perform together. Both Presley and Sinatra put on the “The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis.” 

This was Presley returning to music after an extended hiatus. He was more mature and perhaps a bit more in-line with Sinatra’s own musical tastes later in his career. Some of Elvis’ high energy antics had calmed with age. So when it was time for Presley to tie the knot, Sinatra offered him his private jet.

Sinatra and Presley were similar in that the two were both titans of the music industry. Likewise, they both moved into film and had a successful career in Hollywood. They were also magnetic personalities that attracted a flock of people around them.

Elvis Presley Marries Priscilla, Flies Off for Palm Springs

Following a wedding and reception in Las Vegas, Presley and his newly-minted wife boarded Frank Sinatra’s private aircraft. According to Country Music Family, the duo left from McCarran Airport heading for Palm Springs for their honeymoon.

Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding had been an intimate but extravagant affair. All the cameras and the entire world turned to Presley. But the artist was used to it by this period in his life. After all, one of the world’s most eligible heartthrobs was settling down. Elvis and Priscilla wed on May 1, 1967, in a small ceremony in Las Vegas.

They got married at the Aladdin Hotel in a suite surrounded by flowers and candles. It was a short wedding by all standards. And also a small ceremony, unexpected for someone of Presley’s status. In fact, only 14 people attended the ceremony itself.

But the spectacle around the wedding was enormous. For instance, Presley and Priscilla posed for the press. They sliced a giant five-foot-tall, six-layer wedding cake for all to see. Afterwards, they also held a bigger ceremony for all their friends and family who couldn’t attend. This ceremony was held in Graceland.

Priscilla and Elvis were only married for six years before they divorced in 1973. Their daughter Lisa Marie was born nine months after the wedding.