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Elvis Presley Once Proposed to One of His Co-Stars But She Turned Him Down

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Liaison/Stringer/Getty Images)

Many fans think of Elvis Presley as an icon who could have just about any woman he wanted. After all, his confirmed love affairs were all with beautiful women. At the same time, his good looks, golden voice, and superstar status made his dating pool a vast one.

Over the years, Elvis Presley was linked to several bona fide stunners. Linda Thompson and Ann-Margret were both successful as well as gorgeous. Ginger Alden was pretty easy on the eyes, too. Priscilla Presley grew up to be a lovely woman by the time she married Elvis. So, it stands to reason that the King was downright irresistible. However, that just isn’t the case.

In fact, years before Elvis Presley fell in love with Priscilla a different woman caught his eye and captured his heart. That woman was his Love Me Tender co-star Debra Paget.

Presley meets Paget

The King met Paget for the first time during his second appearance on the Milton Berle Show. That was the same night he did the infamous performance of “Hound Dog,” that outraged viewers across the country. The press he got from that show was huge for his career. However, he would forever remember meeting the actress and dancer that night. He was immediately smitten. Months later, they met again on the set of Elvis Presley’s first film.

Elvis Presley Pursued Debra Paget

Elvis Presley was enamored with Debra Paget from day one. He followed her around the set and flirted with her constantly, according to Express. Who could blame him? She was talented, famous, and beautiful. In fact, by the time she stepped onto the Love Me Tender set, Paget had 19 films under her belt. She was a bona fide star in her own right.

Debra Paget didn’t snub Elvis Presley outright. In fact, she even took him home to meet her parents. They loved the young singer from the moment he stepped into their home. His southern charm and good manners won them over instantly. However, that wasn’t enough to win him the hand of their daughter.

When Elvis Presley proposed to his co-star, she turned him down. Express reports that there were two main reasons for her refusal. For one, she was deeply religious and held her parents in high regard. They did not like the idea of Debra getting married at such a young age. So, she honored her parents’ wishes. Secondly, and possibly, more importantly, she already had a boyfriend. The man in her life was richer, more powerful, and even more famous than even Elvis. She was romantically linked to Howard Hughes. Hughes was a billionaire and industrialist as well as a film producer.

Elvis Presley met Priscilla in 1959 and was once again smitten. However, some say that her resemblance to Paget is what piqued the King’s interest. Sometimes, you just don’t get over the one that got away.