Elvis Presley Randomly Called Up Steelers Legend Terry Bradshaw to Play Football in 1970s Glory Days

by Matthew Wilson

Music may have dominated much of singer Elvis Presley’s life. But in his spare time, his second great passion was football. In fact, he once asked NFL legend Terry Bradshaw to play a pickup game with him during the 1970s.

Bradshaw, of course, was at the height of his career, playing quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One day his phone rang at his Las Vegas hotel. And Presley was on the other end, asking him if he wanted to meet up to go play football.

“I was skeptical at first,” Bradshaw told Fox Sports. After all, how many people can say the King of Rock ‘n Roll randomly called them out of the blue?

“But then there is that specific way he spoke, and it was definitely him. Yep, Elvis. Elvis called me up and wanted me to go play football with him. And man, I still think about it now.”

Elvis Presley Loved Football

Presley was something of a football fanatic. He collected vintage bobbleheads and other various memorabilia during his life. The singer was very passionate about his sports.

“I have a great ambition to play football,” he told radio reporter Harold Johnson. “I’ve always had and still have, believe it or not. The thing I keep up with most is professional football. I know all the players, I know their numbers and who they play for. I watch all the games I can, I get the films from the teams themselves if I can. Next to the entertainment thing and music, football is the thing that I enjoy best.”

Presley was a big NFL fan. Initially, his favorite team had been the Cleveland Browns. But by the 1970s, Presley followed the Steelers and their hot shot quarterback.

Likewise, Bradshaw had been a fan of the musician. He went to his first Presley concert at the Louisiana Hayride when he was only five. The athlete owned multiple Elvis films and records as well.

Unfortunately, Bradshaw had to catch a flight to another city and was unable to play football with Presley.

“I was in Vegas giving a corporate presentation because that’s how I made money in the offseason. Elvis called, told me he liked the way I played, and invited me to see him, but I had to catch a flight to another city so I had to turn him down.”

Bradshaw always regretted that he couldn’t take Presley up on his offer.

“It would have been the story of a lifetime, playing backyard football with Elvis,” Bradshaw said. “It showed how much of a fan he was, that he wanted an NFL player to come and play with him and his buddies.”