Elvis Presley Rocks Corded Scarf in Latest Snap Dropped by the King’s Estate

by Jon D. B.

The Elvis Presley Estate offers up rare shots of the icon daily, and their latest will put a fire in the chest of any fan of The King.

“In June 1971, The Memphis City Council votes to change the name of Highway 51 South, from South Parkway to the Mississippi state line, to Elvis Presley Boulevard,” details the King’s estate on their official Instagram Thursday.

Within, fans are treated to one of the most handsome shots of Elvis Presley to exist. Featuring his trademark 1970s sideburns and one of his many white jumpsuits, the shot shows off a rarer sight, too. The King of Rock ‘n’Roll sports handmade cording, worn like a scarf, that’s tailor-fitted to one of his iconic white jumpsuits. As with any shot of Presley, it’s a sight for sore eyes:

How many people have experienced the reality of living on a main thoroughfare named for themselves? Elvis did just that as his estate points out in their May 20 post.

The History of Elvis Presley Boulevard

Elvis Presley Boulevard was originally Highway 51 South. The legend himself would purchase his Graceland property off this highway in 1957 in an area known as Whitehaven. At the time, Whitehaven was very much a rural area, with very little surrounding the gorgeous mansions like Graceland.

As the King’s popularity increased, so did the popularity of the area. By the 1970s, housing developments, shopping malls, and apartment complexes began populating Whitehaven. Before long, the area – just 12 miles south of downtown Memphis proper – was a sprawling suburbia.

In light of Elvis’ great influence, Memphis’ City Council voted to have the name of Highway 51 South changed forever to Elvis Presley Boulevard. The change became official on June 29, 1971. It wouldn’t be until the following January (1972), however, that the first sign featuring the boulevard’s name-change would be erected.

For the occasion, a ceremony took place outside Graceland. In attendance was none other than Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley, alongside the Memphis Mayor of the time, Wyeth Chandler.

With the change, the address for Elvis’ Graceland home became 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard for the last several years of his life.

Elvis would even name one of his most successful late-life albums after his new street. Such was the case for From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, the 23rd studio album from the one and only. The album would hit in May of 1976 courtesy of RCA Records and became a smash hit for The King. In fact, it was the fourth of his albums to reach the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Country Music Albums Sales charts in a four-year stretch.

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