Why Elvis Presley Shot a Gun at His RCA TV While Watching Robert Goulet

by Josh Lanier

Elvis Presley didn’t like Robert Goulet, or so the story goes, so when the lounge singer was on television, Presley fired a bullet into the box to shut him up.

“That jerk’s got no heart,” Elvis would yell when Goulet appeared on his screen. “That will be enough of that sh**!”

It’s unclear where Elvis’ animosity toward Goulet came from, or if the gunshot wasn’t fired out of frustration for the singer at all, but rather a random act. The two had been friendly in the past.

Kevin Kern, a spokesman for the museum across the street from Elvis’ Graceland home, has the television said he believes it was just Elvis firing off rounds for no real reason.

“There was nothing Elvis had against Robert Goulet. They were friends,” Kern told the Associated Press in 2006. “But Elvis just shot out things on a random basis.”

But, on the other hand, there are theories as to why Elvis hated Goulet.

One of the most repeated rumors involves Anita Wood, a girlfriend of Elvis’s. While Elvis was in the military, Wood was in a production of “Camelot” with Goulet, and Elvis believed the crooner was trying to steal her away from him. It’s unclear what, if anything, happened between the two, but rumors persisted.

Elvis Presley’s signed and inscribed TV that he shot with his gun at Gotta Have It! store on April 24, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Goulet Unsure Why Elvis Would Take a Shot at Him

Someone asked Robert Goulet in 2004 why he thought Elvis Presley had such an issue with him. Goulet suspects it had nothing to do with him, merely a product of Elvis’ heavy drug use later in life.

“When he shot the television set? He also shot 50 other people,” Goulet said. “They told me that he had about a hundred sets in the basement. And he’d shoot the damn thing out — you know he was on pills and he didn’t know quite what he was doing and he’d BANG! and they’d look at each other and say, ‘Get another set!’ They mention me all the time. I don’t know why.”

Goulet, who died in 2007, said he had met Elvis and their relationship was cordial. In fact, The King even gave him a ring, Goulet said.

“I remember once we sat together backstage for two hours. And he was a charming, delightful, delightful man,” Goulet said.

The crooner thinks it’s unfair that whenever this story comes up, he’s the only name mentioned. The King surely shot at others on TV as well.

“The point is I knew he was not himself so therefore it wasn’t anything to do with me,” he said. “(Elvis) shot out Mel Torme. He shot out Frank. But I get all the credit.”

Elvis did shoot a lot of TVs. His nurse recounted a time he shot a television set that he thought wasn’t working properly.

“The picture on (Elvis’ daughter) Lisa’s TV would not keep from “rolling,” she said. “Elvis reached over to the TV tray that was next to the chair in which he was sitting, picked up a handgun, and shot at the TV.”

That TV sold at auction for $4,000 in 2018.