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Elvis Presley Soaks Up Sun in Legendary ‘Earth Day’ Pic Posted by His Estate

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Paramount Pictures/Courtesy of Getty Images

While Elvis Presley may have spent a lot of time hard at work in recording studios and in crowds of screaming fans, he was also a bit of a nature enthusiast.

In fact, Presley had a specific love for Hawaii. Elvis loved the laid-back environment, the greenery, and the crystal-clear water. It served as the inspiration for his Jungle Room back home at the Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Jungle Room was one of his favorite rooms in Graceland. It was covered with artificial tropical plants, an artificial waterfall, and green carpeting. He and his friends would spend time in the makeshift paradise room to just hang out or even record music.

He had several concerts in Hawaii over the years. His first was in November 1957. His most famous was the 1973 broadcast concert called “Aloha from Hawaii.”

In his 1968 song “Jungle Man” Presley even said “I am the king of the jungle.”

Elvis took that love for the outdoors back home with him. Today is April 22, also known as Earth Day. The singer’s estate Twitter account posted a photo of The King soaking up the sunshine on a beach with a wide smile.

Besides a love for Hawaii, Presley was known for always carrying a football around with him. When he was outside filming a movie he would often toss the ball around between takes. Presley and his friends also had makeshift tag football games out on the lawn of Graceland.

According to the Graceland site, Presley even broke his finger while playing out on the lawn. He was an avid Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Elvis Presley had been alive during the very start of Earth Day. The very first Earth Day took place in 1970.

Elvis Presley Graceland Tours

Elvis Presley had performed all around the nation during his reign of popularity.

However, he never performed outside of the country. In between his performances, Elvis called his Graceland mansion home. Since then, his estate has worked to keep it as a pristine demonstration of Presley’s musical and cultural impact.

It seems to have done just that. The house is the second-most-visited besides the White House.

According to Chicago Sun-Times, Graceland was offering live online tours for fans around the world to take a look at Elvis’ living conditions. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, it allowed people to safely be involved with Graceland. The mansion is now a museum full of Elvis-themed memorabilia.

The tickets were $100 and included a walk-through of his jet and his entertainment complex. The dates were Jan. 27, Feb. 25, and March 25. However, more dates are expected to be added soon.