Elvis Presley: Soon-to-Be Released Graphic Novel Depicts the Legend’s Rise to Fame

by Madison Miller

Fans of “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” will see Elvis Presley in an all-new way.

Presley will be figuring out high school and music in the new graphic novel, “Elvis: The Graphic Novel.” The graphic novel focuses on Presley’s rise to fame. Specifically, his start in Memphis, the breakthrough Sun Studios recordings, and the other challenges he faced before starting his landmark artistic career.

It is set to release in August by Z2 Comics. It can be preordered here or on Amazon. There will be a hardcover, softcover, and a deluxe hardcover in blue suede with prints and a picture disc of Presley’s debut album.

Detailed Look at New Graphic Novel

This is not the first time fans of Elvis Presley have seen him drawn up in the colorful pages of a comic book.

There was the “Rock and Roll Comics: Elvis Presley Experience” comic as well as “Elvis Shrugged.”Chris Miskiewicz is the writer and Michael Shelfer is the illustrator of this new addition to Elvis graphic novels.

According to an excerpt from the book on Rolling Stone’s site, the novel will feature a particularly interesting look at teenage Elvis.

There is one page in which Elvis and his friend listen to one of the first rock ‘n’ roll songs ever, “Rocket ’88,” a song by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats. The clip from the book also shows him taking a look at the finer things in life. He is caught looking into a Memphis jazz club, Cadillacs, and expensive suits.

It’s all an interesting foreshadowing of the life Elvis would live in just a few years.

Elvis Presley had a long history in gospel music. In one scene he is observing a concert by a popular gospel group of the time, the Statesmen Quartet.

From Memphis to More

Elvis Presley navigates his talent at the beginning of “Elvis: The Graphic Novel.” He deals with normal teenage problems like bullies and talent shows. Sam Phillips, the man who helped Elvis surge in popularity at Sun Records, is also featured in the story.

Between heroics and exaggeration, the graphic novel somewhat follows the real events leading to Presley’s fame. The graphic novel features really vibrant and realistic portrayals of Elvis Presley, his hometown, and the people around him.

Chris Miskiewicz is both an actor and graphic novelist. He wrote “Thomas Alsop,” “This Is Where We Fall,” and “Grateful Dead Origins.” He is also an actor in shows like “Bull,” “Bored to Death,” and “White Collar.” Michael Shelfer has done a series of comic books in the Marvel Universe.

The standard hardcover of the book is only selling for $25. Meanwhile, according to Guitar World, Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special Hagstrom Viking II cherry-red guitar sold for an outstanding $625,000 at an auction.

This special was a landslide part of Presley’s career. It was his first appearance in over seven years to the public. In the past, his famous Sun Sessions guitar, Martin D-18, sold for $1.32 million.

The price of his guitars and the upcoming graphic novel continues to prove Elvis Presley’s lasting impact.