Elvis Presley Statue Coming to German Town Where the King Was Deployed

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley is an American icon. He was the King of Rock and Roll. At the same time, he was a trendsetter and star of the silver screen. However, Americans aren’t the only people who love the King. In fact, people around the world love Elvis. Whether it is for his groundbreaking music or his unparalleled fashion sense, he is renowned all over the globe.

This is especially true in the quiet German town where Elvis was stationed during his time in the US Army. Just as a refresher, Elvis Presley honorably served in the United States Army for a total of six years. Two of those years were active duty. Presley was a reservist for the remainder of his time in the Armed Forces. He spent his active duty years in Germany. The King was stationed in Friedberg as part of the 3rd Armored Division. However, he lived about five miles away in a little town called Bad Nauheim. That little town loves Elvis.

In fact, they are planning to install an almost six-foot-tall bronze statue of Elvis Presley later this year. The statue will be placed on a bridge over the Usa river where Elvis once posed for a photoshoot, according to Stars and Stripes. No solid date has been announced for the installment of the statue. It will however be up and ready for public viewing before August.

Elvis Presley Honored with Annual European Festival

The statue of Elvis Presley has to be up and ready for viewing by the middle of August. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be up in time for the European Elvis Festival. The “quiet spa town,” of Bad Nauheim hosts a days-long homage to The King every year. They’ve been holding the shindig since 2002. The dates of the festival change a little from year to year. However, it always falls around mid-August in memory of Elvis’ death. This year’s festival will take place August 13th-15th.

The official website of Bad Nauheim says that every year, around the middle of August, the quiet spa town becomes a haven for throw-back rockers. During their homage to Elvis Presley, the town becomes “a sea of Cadillacs, petticoats and Elvis quiffs.”

Visitors can hear live music, take in the scenery, and go on guided tours packed with stories about Elvis Presley’s time in Germany.

The town of Bad Nauheim is extremely proud to have been Elvis’ “European home.” while he was away serving his country.