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Elvis Presley’s Style Was Inspired by a DC Comic Hero

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

When someone reaches the level of fame that Elvis Presley did, it’s hard to imagine that they, too, have heroes. However, everyone out there has someone they look up to. Your idol most likely has an idol of their own. There’s a good chance that something you admire about your hero was inspired by theirs. After all, we’re all just humans at the end of the day. That’s not completely true for the person that the King modeled his style after, though.

Elvis Presley took major fashion cues from a comic book character called Captain Marvel Jr. The character’s real name is Freddy Freeman. Several parts of Elvis’ iconic look come almost directly from this character. The King’s trademark hairstyle came from the character according to Express. His sideburns were also first featured on the face of Freddy Freeman. The influence didn’t stop there, though.

Captain Marvel Jr. also inspired things later in Elvis Presley’s career. For instance, the lightning bold on the King’s TCB jewelry was a nod to Freddy Freeman. He had the same style of bolt emblazoned on his chest. Furthermore, the classic comic book character wore short capes. When Elvis started wearing his iconic jump suits, the capes were another nod to his style icon.

More About Elvis Presley’s Super Hero Inspiration

Currently, Freddy Freeman is part of the DC Comics Universe. However, when Elvis Presley was reading his comics and using him as a stylistic inspiration, Captain Marvel Jr. was published under a different label.

He was part of Whiz Comics which was a monthly anthology series published by Fawcett Comics. The series was published by Fawcett from 1940 until 1953. DC Comics purchased the rights to the Whiz Comics characters in 1972.

Captain Marvel Jr. isn’t connected to the same Captain Marvel that Brie Larson portrayed in the 2019 film. He was, however, a sidekick. The character to which he was connected used to be called Captain Marvel. But, he is currently known by Shazam. DC had to change the name after reintroducing the character in the early seventies due to copyright conflicts with Marvel Comics and their character of the same name.

After DC started publishing Captain Marvel Jr. books again, they learned that Elvis Presley was a huge fan of the character. So, they gave him a nod in their books. The modern incarnation of Freddy Freeman is a huge Elvis fan. He is even known to quote the King in the Teen Titans television show.