Elvis Presley: Take an Inside Look at the King’s Iconic Pink Cadillac

by Jon D. B.

Ah, the Pink Cadillac. The Pink Cadillac, one of the most treasured possessions of Elvis Presley’s lifetime. Take a look inside his iconic, kingly 1955 Fleetwood alongside Graceland’s Director of Archives and fall in love with it all over again.

If you’re a fan of Elvis, or have been to his Graceland home, then you know his 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood. Surely either/or is true, or you wouldn’t be here! But did you know Elvis bought it blue, and actually had it painted pink? If not, little-known factoids like this are exactly why we’re bringing this 2016 expose back to light.

Within this episode of “Gates of Graceland,” the homestead’s Director of Archives, Angie Marchese, gives Elvis Presley fans as intimate a workover of his Pink Cadillac as there ever was. Alongside show host Tom Brown, we’ll explore insider information and give you a closer look at the King’s most prized classic.

From it’s customized interior to the front-mounted spotlights, all the way back to the trunk, Director Angie Marchese knows every tiny detail. She even still has the original keys!

After showing Tom Brown the admittedly tiny keys, Marchese breaks down this gorgeous “tank” of an automobile.

“It’s a 60 series, and there were actually a little over 18,000 of them made. And they cost a little over $4,000 to buy brand new when Elvis purchased it!”

Wow. Good luck even finding a beat-up Pinto for that price today!

“It was originally blue, and Elvis had it custom-painted pink,” Marchese reveals. “And he actually used it for touring! Believe it or not, this is how the guys would get around,” she continues, referencing Presley’s infamous entourage.

“They had gear they would strap to the hood of it – to the top of it! And they would use it for touring.”

Incredibly, Elvis also had an an automatic “headlight sensor” installed on the top of the dashboard. As oncoming headlights would hit the sensor, it would dim his own so he wouldn’t blind people on the road. Talk about a gentlemen’s driver!

Elvis Presley’s Friend Wrecked the Pink Cadillac Before He Gifted it to His Mother

Unfortunately, the 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood would eventually find itself wrecked. “Elvis was touring in the 50’s and Scotty was driving, and it had a wreck a little outside Texarkana.”

“And once this came out of the shop, he gave this to his mom,” Marchese smiles. Presley’s mom, Gladys, however, never had her driver’s license!

As such, Marchese and Brown note that the only people to truly drive the car were his father, Vernon, or Elvis himself.

For plenty more on the inside-out of this iconic piece of Elvis Presley history, watch the full expose below: