Elvis Presley: Take a Look Inside Elvis’s Man Cave Deemed the ‘Jungle Room’

by Madison Miller

Graceland, Elvis Presley’s mansion in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, was perhaps one of his greatest loves in life.

He had spent a lot of his free time in that home. He would play football out on the lawn and would have exceptionally close friends over for jam sessions in his room. Elvis would sometimes attempt to hide from guests in his large and reclusive suite.

One of the most interesting rooms in the mansion is what is referred to as the “Jungle Room.” In many ways, it’s best describes as The King’s personal man cave.

Presley’s man cave was a bit different than what many would picture today. Take a look at one of the most interesting (and exotic) rooms in Graceland.

A Tour of the ‘Jungle Room’

A video from 2015 gives a tour of everything there is to see in Graceland. The web series talks about the secrets and gems of Graceland and is called “Gates of Graceland.”

Angie Marchese, the director of archives for Elvis Presley Enterprises, is joined by the host of the series, Tom Brown. The pair go through some of the really small, yet intimate details that really show Graceland as a home and meeting place for Elvis Presley and his family. From special portraits to legacy-driven mirrors to small engravings in furniture, the two talk about the details that make up Graceland.

One detail some people may not know about Graceland is what became known as the”Jungle Room.”

According to Rolling Stone, the “Jungle Room” was not a term deemed by Elvis himself. Instead, he used to just call it “the den.” It was a part of the expansion Graceland had in 1965.

It is a 14-by-40 foot space. It was once an open patio but eventually became a screened porch. The place was a go-to spot to relax alongside members of the Memphis Mafia, Elvis’ closest group of companions. It had big round tables and two blond leather sectionals.

A Very-Elvis Space

The space also had a color TV, a waterfall (which would flood the whole room when turned on), unique wooden detailing on the walls, as well as memorabilia like a cigarette case with a music box. Priscilla Presley gave it to him.

It’s full of exotic plants, animal prints, shag carpeting, somewhat ugly furniture, and memories. According to How Stuff Works, Presley’s room had one of the first-ever portable telephones.

The room, along with the rest of Graceland, saw several renovations over the years. Presley had a blast picking out the ugliest furniture he could find. The room now attracts millions to gawk at the shag carpeting, tiki decorations, and overall jungle getaway of Elvis.

There’s also plenty of stories rooted in the space. From the time he shot the TV with a revolver or even a couple of recordings that happened in the space or even a small fire that happened at a Christmas party.

Many consider the space to be an excellent representation of who Elvis Presley was as a person. It was unruly, unique, and somehow comforting.

In one of his songs Presley sings, “I’m the king of the jungle, they call me tiger man.” This seems like the appropriate jungle-getaway for The King.

Elvis Presley Compilation Album

There’s even a compilation album of some master recordings called “Way Down in the Jungle Room” released in 2016.

RCA Records and Legacy Recordings released the album. It comes from two different recording sessions. One is from early February 1976 while the other is from late October 1976. Both sessions took place in the Jungle Room.

Elvis had made the space a possible recording area. He even had carpeting put on the ceiling for this reason.

The album has songs like “Way Down,” “Love Coming Down,” “Danny Boy,” “Hurt,” “He’ll Have to Go,” and “The Last Farewell.” Elvis Presley recorded some of his most heartbreaking and lonesome-themed music in the upbeat, extravagant space. This happened to be near the time Elvis and Priscilla got divorced. He was in a newer relationship with Linda Thompson, but that was falling apart too.