Elvis Presley: Take a Look Inside Unseen Rooms at Graceland

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley is an icon. New fans are finding and falling in love with his music every day. At the same time, he continues to influence the music world as a whole. This is no less true today than it was when his music was topping the charts decades ago. Today, thousands of people flock to his Graceland to walk the floor where the King once stood. His home is a kind of Mecca for his fans. It allows them to feel connected to him. At the same time, it allows them to see how the iconic rocker lived. However, in-person tours are limited. On the other hand, the virtual tours allow fans to see more of Elvis’ Memphis home than they could see by taking a normal guided tour.

Even with a VIP tour, some areas of Elvis Presley’s mansion are off-limits to the public. Some areas of the King’s Memphis mansion are private. Other areas contain items that are too precious or historically important to be viewed in person. However, if you’re lucky you can catch a virtual tour that will take you through some of the restricted areas of Graceland.

For example, Graceland’s Director of Archives and walking Elvis Presley encyclopedia, Angie Marchese recently hosted a virtual tour. That tour took viewers through the unseen rooms of the Memphis mansion and gave them a look behind the proverbial curtain.

The Unseen Rooms of Elvis Presley’s Home

During that tour, Angie Marchese took participants into one of the rooms that is still not part of the regular tour. It is a bedroom just off of the kitchen. Elvis Presley’s aunt Delta used that bedroom until she died in the early nineties. She would hang out in that room while Elvis fans toured the house. At the end of the day, when everyone left, Delta would go out into the rest of the house. In fact, her actual bedroom was upstairs.

Inside the downstairs bedroom, participants got to see how the room looked while Delta used it. This included a 90s-era TV and cable box along with simple furnishings. Among those furnishing is a chest of drawers. A framed photo of Elvis Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla, their daughter Lisa Marie, and her son Navarone sits on top of it. Marchese pointed out that one of the drawers contains the china that Lisa Marie uses for meals when she visits the mansion.

If taking a virtual tour of Elvis Presley’s home isn’t in your budget, there are other ways to get a deeper look at what Graceland has to offer. For instance, you can watch Gates of Graceland on YouTube. In that series, Angie Marchese takes the host and viewers through many of the unseen rooms as well as the Graceland archives.