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Elvis Presley: Take a Tour of the Circle G Ranch, the King’s Former Mississippi Home

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Bettmann/contributor/Getty Images)

If you’re familiar with Elvis Presley, you know about Graceland. His sprawling Memphis mansion is almost as iconic as The King himself. Currently, people come from all over the world to visit the legendary home. However, some may not know that Elvis also had several other homes.

Elvis Presley grew up without much money. So, when he hit the big time, he lived a lavish life. In fact, he was known to give extravagant gifts to his friends, loved ones, and even fans just because he could. The King also had several homes across the country. Graceland, though, was his home base. But, not far from Graceland, he found a little slice of country heaven in Horn Lake, Mississippi, that he christened Circle G Ranch.

Not only was the property a great getaway spot for Elvis Presley and his inner circle but it was also convenient. The Circle G was only about twenty minutes away from Graceland.

Elvis Presley Finds His Ranch Home

Elvis Presley found what would become the Circle G Ranch in February of 1967. He, Priscilla, and a few others were in Mississippi to buy a horse for Elvis’ father Vernon. While driving back to Graceland, something caught The King’s eye. It was a huge white cross overlooking a lake. It struck a chord with Presley. That cross and lake were both situated on a large working ranch. Presley had to have it.

 So, he sent Alan Fortas, a member of the Memphis Mafia, to the door to ask about buying the property. Jack Adams, who owned the property, told Fortas they could have the whole shebang for $437,000. That included the house, equipment, livestock, and 160 acres of land. Elvis Presley wasn’t one to negotiate. So, he immediately pulled the trigger on the transaction. They sealed the deal on a handshake.

Days later, Elvis Presley’s crew went to work moving Presley’s things into the newly-purchased ranch. At that time, it was known as Twinkletown Ranch. However, Elvis renamed it Circle G. Some say that the G stood for Graceland. Others, however, say that the G stood for Gladys, Elvis’ mother’s name.

After Elvis and Priscilla got married in Las Vegas, the Presleys spent their honeymoon at the Circle G.

Elvis sold The Circle G in 1972, five years before his tragic passing in 1977.

Life on the Circle G

Elvis Presley didn’t mind coming out of pocket to make his new ranch home comfortable for everyone. He bought horses, tack, and pickup trucks for his entourage. Then, he had several trailer houses installed on the property so that everyone would have a place to stay when they wanted to get away.

In fact, Elvis Presley and his new bride spent the first two months of their marriage in a trailer behind the main house on the Circle G. This was due to the main ranch house being too close to the road. The trailer afforded the newlyweds something that they had very little of in their daily life: privacy.

When Elvis Presley bought the property, it contained a brick ranch house, horse barn, and plenty of room to store, ride, and care for horses. It also contained several outbuildings that were used in the daily functions of the working farm before Presley bought it.

The property has changed hands several times over the years. However, the house and the cross as well as several of the other buildings are still standing. Check out the video below to see what the Circle G looks like today and other interesting facts about the property.