Elvis Presley Thought This Distinct Feature Was His ‘Trademark’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images)

Elvis Presley was many things. He was the King of Rock and Roll. At the same time, he was a movie star. He was a US Army veteran and an all-around icon. He was incredibly talented as well as good-looking. However, it takes more than that to ascend to the level that he did. There are plenty of talented pretty people out there that you or I will never hear about. Part of what helped The King rise to fame was his self-awareness. He knew who he was. Also, he knew his strengths and weaknesses. The man knew what people liked.

So, when Elvis Presley settled on one distinct feature being his trademark, you can bet on the fact that he was right. When you think of The King’s looks, what’s the first thing that comes to mind. It might be his impressive wardrobe. However, if you’re just looking at what he brought (almost) naturally, to the table, you’d have to say it’s his hair. Right? After all, before they called it a pompadour, it was just called an “Elvis cut.” In fact, his luxurious locks inspired the first hair salon for men.

This month, Elvis Presley’s estate is using The King’s Instagram account to talk exclusively about his hair. In today’s post, the caption says that Elvis said that his hair was his trademark way back in 1958. That was less than two years after his first chart-topping hit. So, that just shows that The King knew what was what from the start.

Check out today’s Instagram post. You can’t deny how impressive Elvis Presley’s hair is in this photo.

Elvis Presley’s Trademark Hair

Elvis Presley’s hair didn’t just grow that way naturally. He put considerable time and effort into making sure it always looked as good as possible. If it was his trademark, he knew he had to invest in it. Another sign that he knew how to market himself to the masses.

For instance, Elvis Presley’s hair was not naturally black. In fact, his hair was dirty blonde. However, in his late teens, it did darken to a light brown color. That wouldn’t do for Elvis, though. In the early days, he used shoe polish to get the gleaming black locks that we associate with The King today. This is because actual hair dye was out of his price range in the early days. After he hit the big time, he started using hair dye. In fact, Larry Geller, a prominent Hollywood stylist, concocted a special mixture of hair dyes to get Elvis’ hair the right shade of black.

Geller was also Elvis Presley’s personal hairstylist. He would even hang around on movie sets and touch up Presley’s hair between scenes. Also, Geller is the man who was so inspired by The King’s hair that he opened a salon for men. This salon and its famous clientele are what drew Elvis to Geller in the first place.

So, Elvis Presley’s hair was his trademark and he knew it. He also worked hard to make sure it was always as close to perfect as possible.