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Elvis Presley Transported Geese in His Cadillac to Graceland to ‘Keep the Lawn Trim’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Elvis Presley loved animals. Trucks would often show up to Graceland with a shipment of an exotic bird or a new horse. But when Elvis wanted some geese, he decided he’d gather the gaggle himself.

It happened shortly after he bought his massive Memphis mansion Graceland and the 13.8 acres around it in the 1950s. There’s a barn on the property, and Elvis immediately filled it with pigs and chickens. But he also wanted some geese too to “keep the lawn trim.” But having no good way to transport the birds, the King of Rock improvised, Express said.

Presley drove out to the country in his pink Cadillac. Bought the birds, loaded them into the back seats, and brought them back to Graceland. This wasn’t the only time he’d improvise when it came to storing animals.

When he first moved to Graceland, he purchased several donkeys, but he didn’t have a fence to keep them yet. So, he kept them in his empty swimming pool.

Elvis Presley would amass a menagerie at Graceland. Birds, barnyard animals, and even peacocks. Though, those had to go once they started damaging Elvis’ car collection. The birds would attack their reflections in the glossy paint. He donated the birds to the Memphis Zoo, the official Graceland Blog says.

He also kept horses on the property and would race them with his friends. But they had to stop doing that. Anytime they would run the horses, people driving by would pull over to watch, causing miles-long traffic jams, an ABC report about Graceland said.

Elvis Presley Enjoyed Exotic Animals As Well

Elvis Presley had several dogs as pets while at Graceland. By all accounts, he was a good pet owner. When his beloved dog Get Lo, a chow, was sick with a kidney issue, Elvis sent him in a private jet to Boston for treatment. He stayed there for three months under the constant care of veterinarians.

But his pet collection extended far beyond the mundane to much more exotic creatures.

He had a chimpanzee named Scatter. Scatter was a fun-loving animal, the Graceland Blog writes, who would wear human clothes and travel with Elvis. That ended as Scatter became unruly and hard to control as he got older. Once the chimp sneaked into movie producer Samuel Goldwyn’s office and trashed everything in the room.

But that was only the first primate Presley owned. He had a squirrel monkey named Bambi gifted to him by a fan. Elvis and his wife Priscilla reportedly loved it. He received several animals from fans. Some in Australia sent him a wallaby — twice. Both of them were gifted to the Memphis Zoo.

The list of animals goes on. Read more about some of his pets and their fates at the Graceland Blog.