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Elvis Presley: Watch Alternate Edits, Deleted Scenes and Full-Length Trailer From ‘The Movie’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Bettmann / Contributor / via Getty Images

Besides being The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley was a movie star. His movies, while not Oscar-award level, had entertained his millions of fans both then and now.

Even after Elvis Presley died suddenly and tragically in 1977, people still desired to see his jet black hair, entertaining music, and suggestive dancing on the big screen.

In fact, just two years after his death, in 1979, a movie called “Elvis” came out that was a biographical depiction of the rock singer throughout his life. The movie stars a younger Kurt Russell as Elvis. Shelley Winters plays his mother, Gladys, and Bing Russell plays his father, Vernon.

The tagline of the movie was “The King Lives On!” The movie helped show just how pervasive and permanent Elvis Presley’s legacy is on music and culture. The film is really a celebration of life two years after death and heartbreak.

Kurt Russell got to act alongside his own father for the movie.

There is a collection of alternate edits, deleted scenes, as well as full-length trailer available on YouTube. It brings an all-new look at the ’70s film.

In reality, no one can truly replace Elvis Presley on the screen. He was charming and entertaining in ways that are difficult to imitate. However, Kurt Russell portrays a realistic and honorary look at The King’s life.

“Elvis” isn’t the only movie about the best-selling solo artist of all time. Movies like “Elvis & Nixon,” “Promised Land,” and “Walk The Line” also feature a version of Elvis Presley, although he’s not the star of each film.

Kurt Russell and Elvis Presley

Kurt Russell’s role as Elvis Presley helped him transition from a child actor into helping him become a major part of the entertainment industry.

According to an interview with James Cordon on “The Late Late Show,” Russell talked about his experience working alongside Presley. He went from a small uncredited role in “It Happens at the World’s Fair” to then getting to play the iconic music figure himself.

“He was just a really nice guy. He was 27 years old at the time and when I played him, I was 27. And I kind of remembered he was one of those very memorable people and was just a real nice guy,” Russell said.

Russell talks fondly about getting to throw a football around with Presley when there was nothing going on with filming. He even said that watching women run after Elvis on set was the first time he could remember really seeing and working with a celebrity. It was quite the celebrity to start off with.

Kurt Russell seems to be quite the Elvis Presley fan. Either that or he’s just really good at impersonating him. He also played the voice for Elvis in “Forrest Gump” and an impersonator in the Kevin Costner film “3000 Miles to Graceland.”