Elvis Presley: What Was the ‘Live’ Gift the King Gave to the Women in His Life?

by Clayton Edwards

Elvis Presley is an icon. We’re all well aware of his music. His style is also legendary. Countless people have borrowed from the King’s iconic look. However, very few can pull it off. Even more have traveled to his Memphis mansion to see how he lived. They make that pilgrimage to get up close and personal with Elvis’ legacy and life. However, not enough people talk about just how generous he was.

Elvis Presley had the best of everything. However, he didn’t horde his wealth. The King was very generous with those he loved. In fact, one time he gave away thousands of dollars worth of jewelry to his fans at a concert just for the fun of it. Not all of his gifts were encrusted in jewels, though. He gave a special kind of gift to the women in his life.

Elvis Presley gave the women in his life dogs, according to the official Graceland blog.

Elvis gave his mother, Gladys, a lapdog named Sweet Pea in 1956. Then, in 1962 the King gave Priscilla, who was visiting from Germany, a poodle named Honey. That was probably the best Christmas gift he could have given her that year. The pooch presents didn’t stop there, though. Elvis gave his Aunt Delta, who lived at Graceland even after he passed, a Pomeranian pup.

When Lisa Marie Presley was born, Elvis switched things up. He gave his daughter a cat named Puff. Everyone else had dogs, so why not add a little feline companionship to the household?

Elvis Presley Was An Animal Lover

Elvis Presley didn’t just give pets away. He had plenty of them over the years. The King didn’t limit himself to dogs and cats, either. In fact, Elvis famously owned a chimpanzee named Scatter. For a time, Scatter was pretty much a member of the Memphis Mafia. The ape would hang out with the King and his crew. He even wore human clothes to fit in. However, he got a little wild as time went on. After he destroyed producer Samuel Goldwyn’s office, Scatter had to stay home at Graceland.

Elvis Presley had plenty of canine companions over the years, too. In fact, the Pomeranian that he gave to Delta was his, to begin with. However, Delta and the pooch bonded quickly, so the King passed him on to her. Probably the most pampered pooch Elvis owned was Get Lo. He was a big Chow and the family loved him. When he fell ill, Elvis had Get Lo flown from Memphis to Boston to get the best treatment available.

So, we can add “animal lover,” to the long list of things that Elvis Presley was behind the scenes.