Elvis Presley: What Possessions From Lisa Marie’s Nursery Are on Display at Graceland?

by Clayton Edwards

We all think of Elvis Presley as a trend-setting icon. The King of Rock and Roll changed the music industry forever. At the same time, his fashion sense had a huge impact on how many people dress and groom themselves. Just about everything Elvis did has become legendary. There are countless stories about his larger-than-life antics. At the same time, his discography stands as some of the greatest early rock and roll to ever be pressed.

However, when thinking about Elvis Presley, many people tend to forget one major thing. Elvis was a family man above everything else. When he was young, he clung to his parents. This is especially true for his mother. After she passed away, he and his father remained close. In fact, when he started making major money from his music, he vowed to take care of his parents. When he married the young Priscilla Presley, he became devoted to her. Later, when they had their only child, Lisa Marie Presley, he became a doting father.

So, we see Elvis Presley as a superstar. However, behind-the-scenes, he was a son, father, and husband. It makes perfect sense, then, that some of the items from Lisa Marie’s nursery are still on display at Graceland. Fans from all over the globe visit Graceland every year to see how the King lived. It would be an incomplete picture without reminders of his family life.

What Nursery Items are on Display at Elvis Presley’s Memphis Mansion?

Fans who have made the pilgrimage to Graceland know that the upper floor of the mansion is off-limits. The second floor holds a handful of rooms that are too private to have tourists traipsing through all the time. Among those rooms are Elvis Presley’s bedroom, office, and the bathroom where he passed away. The upstairs also contains Lisa Marie’s childhood bedroom.

Elvis Presley’s fans cannot view any of those rooms. However, a few things from Lisa Marie’s nursery are now on display. However, they are not in the mansion itself. Instead, they are across the street at the Elvis Presley’s Memphis museum and entertainment complex, according to Express.

Among those things on display are two rocking chairs. One of those is a full-sized chair while the other is smaller. They were the chairs that Priscilla and Lisa Marie sat in while spending time together in the bedroom. This gives fans a look at how two of Elvis Presley’s favorite people lived while the King was busy.