Elvis Presley: What Was Hidden in the Wall of the King’s TV Room?

by Jon D. B.

Over the years, many secrets of Elvis Presley’s infamous Graceland home have been revealed, but some are just now coming to light.

One of the last living people to experience childhood with Elvis is his cousin, Billie Smith. A younger cousin to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll from his mother Gladys’ side, Billie was present for nearly everything in Elvis’ life. From growing up together in Tupelo, Mississippi to taking over Graceland, Billie saw it all.

In a new interview for his son Danny’s Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Billie is offering remarkable insight into the early days of Graceland under his cousin: one Elvis Presley.

While discussing the many secret doors, drawers, and compartments of Graceland, Billie lights up. Billie may be one of the last remaining people to remember using a certain “little” secret door in Elvis’ TV room.

“You raised a little opening and there was a movie projector. You brought it around and raised an opening and it projected right on the screen,” Billie tells his son, Danny.

“Naturally it had his movies and a couple of others and we would watch them down there,” he continues of the tiny, secret closet-sized movie theatre Elvis had added in.

Cousin to Elvis Presley Recalls Graceland’s Late Changes

In addition to revealing secrets, the cousin of The King is a wealth of Graceland knowledge, too. He did, after all, have unlimited access to the mansion as Elvis’ beloved family.

“As you come down the stairs and went to your left and went into the TV room there was an ice cream bar there,” he also reveals of the famous room. “It was pink and white,” Smith smiles of the ice cream bar.

“The counter top and the bar stool seats were pink also,” he details, before noting “the rest of it was white.”

Fascinatingly, the bar “had Pepsi mostly because he didn’t drink Coke and of course a blender for making ice cream milk shakes,” he recalls. A few off-the-cuff factoids about the Elvis Presley direct from family there, folks!

Nothing, however, last forever. Especially in the tragically short life of Elvis. With a hint of sadness, Billie then reveals that “later it all changed.”

“I believe it was a green colour they changed the bar to and the seats,” notes Smith. He remembers in great detail, too, when Linda Thompson came in to decorate late in Presley’s life. This is when the TV Room “became that yellow that you see now.”

“She decorated that and the pool room and some of the rest of the house and it stayed that way from there on,” he reveals of Graceland’s current decor.

Unfortunately, we can’t embed the interview here, but it’s a wealth of knowledge for Elvis fans – straight from family. You can view the whole sit-down with Billie Smith here courtesy of his son. And if it’s more Elvis Presley factoids you’re craving, we’ve got you covered there, too.