Elvis Presley: What Was His Favorite Song From His Self-Titled Album?

by Madison Miller

It’s hard to say what Elvis Presley’s all-time favorite song he ever recorded was.

Some of his songs had sentimental meaning or had given him awards or No. 1 status. Many of Presley’s songs also fit into different genres, from soul to R&B to rock ‘n’ roll to pop to gospel.

Elvis Presley Favorite Song Off Debut Album

According to his official Instagram that is held in his honor, The King had picked his favorite off his self-titled album released by RCA on March 23, 1956.

The post says that “In an interview, Elvis said ‘One-Sided Love Affair’ was his favorite song from the album, Elvis Presley.⁣”

The album was a solid reflection of Presley as an artist. It featured seven different tracks, all pretty different when placed side-by-side. There were two country songs as well as a more catchy pop tune. The others helped glide him into the evolving world of rock ‘n’ roll and R&B.

Some of the songs were Little Richards, Ray Charles, and The Drifters covers. Presley reimagined the songs by making the guitar the lead instrument instead of the piano. His debut album was the first rock ‘n’ roll album to top the Billboard chart; it did so for 10 weeks.

The album cover, Presley jamming on a large acoustic guitar, had a crucial impact on aligning the guitar as the instrument of choice for rock and roll.

The song “One Sided Love Affair” was written by Bill Campbell. The songs on Presley’s debut album were hand-selected by producers. “One-Sided Love Affair” is the one song he genuinely enjoyed performing from the album.

One of His Favorites to Perform

Presley would go back and forth on what his favorite songs to perform were. As the years went on, his choice changed with it.

In all likelihood, Elvis Presley didn’t actually write any of his own songs. Other artists wrote the music and he was sometimes given co-writer credit for them. It’s quite possible he didn’t like some of the music he had to record over the years.

According to Grunge, Elvis Presley was particularly fond of his Gospel songs. The song “Known Only to Him” even appears at his mother’s funeral. He also received three Grammy Awards related to Gospel songs he had done. One of which was “How Great Thou Art.”

Elvis was also very fond of “It’s Now or Never.” It was a song reworked from an Italian opera called “O Sole Mio” made specifically for Presley.

On the other hand, one of his least favorite songs he released happened near the end of his career. “Burning Love,” a well-known hit, is the song in question.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Presley’s drummer, Ronnie Tutt, said that Elvis had mixed feelings about the tune. “We basically tried to influence him to do more rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Burning Love’ had some potential. He never felt comfortable with it because he had a hard time with those lyrics,” Tutt said.

It is one of many songs that compares love and sex to an overall religious experience.