Elvis Presley: Why The King’s Cousin Says He Kept His Bedroom ‘Dark and Very, Very Cold’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Getty Images

Elvis Presley lived most of his life and career in the limelight. But when he was alone in private, the King liked to close the shades and also turn down the temperature.

According to Express, one of Presley’s cousins discussed his particular quirk. Billy Smith was one of the few of Presley’s inner circle to visit the upper floor of Graceland. This was Presley’s private quarters where he escaped fame and his celebrity status. He also liked things dark and cold.

“Yes, Elvis liked it dark and he liked it very, very cold,” Smith told the outlet. So how cold did the King keep it? Well, one of his Memphis Mafia members jokingly compared the room to a meat locker. Likewise, Presley had sweaters and jackets on standby to hand out to visitors.

The King must have been cold-natured, even when he was at the hospital. “When he was at the hospital, he put aluminum foil over the windows, to keep the light out, to keep it darker,” Smith continued.

Likewise, Presley’s former flame Linda Thompson once commented on the King’s particular quirks. For one, he never opened any windows. “Our bedroom was black, red and gold… And no – the windows were never opened.”

Elvis Presley Had Nightmates Often

So why did Elvis Presley like to keep things dark? Well, it may have had something to do with his frequent nightmares. According to Smith, Elvis had recurring nightmares starting at an early age. He would also sleepwalk as well.

According to Smith, Presley often had nightmares of people chasing him. Perhaps, the pressures of fame manifested themselves through nightmares. Presley had two run-ins with people throughout his career that shook him up. For instance, someone once came to Graceland looking for him at one point during his career. At another point, Presley got assaulted during an autograph session.

“One time he was sitting in a car and somebody recognized him. So they walked up and they said, ‘Can I have your autograph?’ and handed him a piece of paper,” Smith said. “He started signing it, [then] the guy hit him right in the side of the jaw.”

Additionally, Smith said they never tried to shake Presley when he had nightmares. Instead, they’d try to calm him down by talking to him. At one point, Presley accidentally hit his cousin Gene while asleep. But eventually, Presley overcame his nightmares.

“But he got out of them pretty good after, Oh I would say ’60 when he came back out of the army,” Smith said.