Elvis Presley’s Estate Shares Iconic Throwback Studio Photo With Perfect ‘Rock and Roll’ Quote

by Thad Mitchell

Though he passed away many years, the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, continues to be an icon of the music industry. Elvis’ estate continues to share photos, stories and quotes for the King’s fans to enjoy.

As far as Rock and Roll goes, I really like it,” the quote from Presley says.

In a testament to his popularity, the tweet saw nearly 1,000 “likes” only a few hours after it was put on Twitter. The black and white photo shows a young Presley strumming away at his guitar with a microphone not far away.

Elvis Presley’s Legacy Lives On

While anything bearing Presley’s image is bound to be popular, this particular image proves to be especially popular. With fans all over the world, many took to social media to share their thoughts on the photo and the impact the king had on them.

“His voice was a gift from God,” a fan writes. “Beautiful singing voice that could sing any type of song. He seemed to always be modest about his talents. That is why he was love because he was humble.”

“Love Elvis and You got to have Elvis in your playlist,” another fan remarks.

“That is why you will eternally be “THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL,” a Twitter user proclaims.