Elvis Presley’s Favorite Banana Pudding: How to Make the Southern Treat from the Graceland Kitchen

by Madison Miller

Elvis Presley was known for his deep and soulful voice that would eventually help him sell over a billion records.

During his life, he had grown closer to music as well as his acting career. Millions of fans gawked and obsessed over his hip-swiveling dancing and catchy rock ‘n’ roll tunes.

However, music and being an overall pop culture icon wasn’t Elvis Presley’s only passion in life. He loved football, his friends, and family. And he had quite the relationship with food. He was particular about his meals during his life.

Similar to his music, he indulged in comforting and soulful meals, although sometimes exceptionally unhealthy, that became Elvis staples. Through the years there have been countless recipes of Elvis Presley’s classic foods. One of his favorites was the Elvis banana pudding recipe.

Elvis Presley’s Famous Banana Pudding Recipe

In a video from Graceland’s official YouTube page released on Monday, viewers can learn how to make one of Presley’s favorite desserts.

It isn’t only Presley’s favorite, either. The banana pudding is also a go-to favorite of The King’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. In the video, it is stated that the Graceland kitchen will prepare more of the dessert in advance when they know she is going to be in town.

The banana pudding recipe is classic, timeless, and very simple to make. The only ingredients needed are bananas, vanilla wafers, eggs, milk, sugar, corn starch, salt, vanilla extract, cream of tartar, and powdered sugar.

In a double broiler, you put egg yolks, milk, sugar, corn starch, and salt. Everything will be combined over heat while on the stove for 20 to 30 minutes.

Many people will often use store-bought pudding as a shortcut in this recipe. However, it just doesn’t taste the same as the homemade mixture.

The wafers and bananas go at the bottom of a dish lying down evenly. Then the pudding goes on top of that. It is a layered dessert. Then a meringue is made for the very top. It gets baked on high heat for about six minutes.

Here is a link for an example of an Elvis Presley banana pudding recipe.

Other Go-To Meals For Elvis

Elvis Presley obviously didn’t exclusively consume banana pudding.

In fact, a number of cookbooks have been made that are filled with his favorite foods or the dishes famous at Graceland. Some cookbooks include “The Presley Family & Friends Cookbook,” “Are You Hungry Tonight?” “The Presley Family Cookbook,” and “Fit For a King: The Elvis Presley Cookbook.”

He is perhaps most known for his all-time favorite sandwich, which was peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich. This is now an infamous flavor combination referred to as “The Elvis.”

However, The King also loved other comfort foods like meatloaf, fried breakfast foods, hot dogs with sauerkraut, coconut cake, and fried pickles. Certainly, he was no health mastermind. He tried a number of (often dangerous) dieting techniques over the years, but could never give up his hearty and fat-filled food.