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Elvis Presley’s Graceland Is the 2nd Most Visited Home in the United States

by Josh Lanier
(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Visiting Graceland, the former Memphis home of Elvis Presley, is a must for any Elvis fan. Which means it’s going to get a lot of visitors. In fact, only one other house in the country sees more guests each year.

Elvis may be the king, but in this, the President reigns supreme. Only the White House draws more visitors a year than Graceland. According to the estate, 700,000 people flock to the home every year. Some people visit over and over again.

According to History.com, Elvis Presley just 22 years old paid $1,000 in March 1957 as a deposit to secure what would become the infamous Graceland. The sale price of the house was $102,500. That’s about $924,000 in today’s money.

Graceland wasn’t always meant to be a memorial site for Presley. It was his family’s home for more than 20 years. In fact, it was a place for Elvis to get away from his fans and relax with his friends and family.

It wouldn’t be hard to find a quiet place to relax in the 17,552-square-foot home with 23 total rooms, including eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The Southern mansion also sits on 13.8 acres of land. When he first bought the compound, it was about 10,000 square feet, but he and his family added to it.

Lisa Marie Presley Discusses Life Inside Graceland

Lisa Marie Presley once gave Oprah Winfrey a tour of Graceland, including a hidden passageway and room deep inside the estate. Presley made the production team turn off the cameras when it came time to take them further into the mansion. She allowed Oprah to document the room but not the way to it. She doesn’t want anyone else to find or access the area.

“It’s very comforting that I can come. Nobody actually knows that this is here,” Presley told Oprah. “I know I can come at any time and rummage through the boxes and grab stuff. It’s quite comforting. The whole thing, even the house is like a little time capsule of the past and nothing has ever changed.”

The inside of this top-secret Graceland area is filled with Elvis’ most prized possessions all hoarded together. It’s filled with various jewelry and rings, a collection of sunglasses, and also an assortment of jumpsuits the King wore. In addition, Presley collected and stored around 60,000 photographs in the room. All of it hidden away.

Lisa Marie Presley enjoys having a place just for herself in the mansion. She said she sometimes goes there to feel closer to her father. She described those first few years of her life there as among her happiest times. Presley would often go swimming with her father in the estate’s pool. Or the two would ride a Go-Cart around the estate together.

That ended when Elvis died in 1977. The family opened Graceland to tourists in 1982.