Elvis Presley’s Graceland: A Look Inside the ‘Secret Rooms’ That Are ‘Hidden’ Off the TV Room

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Bettmann/ Getty Images)

Elvis Presley may not have been the President of the US, but in Graceland, he required ‘secret rooms’ throughout the house.

Today, we take the tour downstairs to the hidden gems of the Graceland basement, where Elvis Presley kept his storage… and, on occasion, his friends.

Behind Door Number One

Graceland’s Director of Archives Angie Marchese takes Tom Brown and curious fans on a tour of the mansion and its hidden treasures in a clip from 2016. We begin our journey in the notorious TV room.

“One of the first things that comes to mind when you come to the TV room is?” asks Marchese. After a series of wrong guesses from Brown, she says, “Have you ever wondered what is behind door number one?”

“You know what, I know a little bit of the story of what is behind this door,” said Brown. “Charlies used to stay back here. Jerry Schilling used to live back here, and Jerry always calls it — he said it was the safest place. He just said it was like his own little cocoon or silence, and it was kind of storage, and I’ve seen this door a lot, but I’ve always wondered what’s behind it.”

Behind the mysterious door is a little house within the house. Elvis Presley used the room for Christmas storage, but it just gives a cheery vibe to the area. However, the hidden room is not one for taller people as the ceiling hangs a little low.

Between the storage racks covering the wood-paneled walls and the low ceiling and lack of a window, Elvis Presley’s hidden room is somewhere I would want to be during a tornado, but not in a fire. I’m suddenly feeling slightly claustrophobic.

Elvis Presley’s Man Cave

Back out in the TV room, the two hosts head behind the bar. Now, before you get excited that this is turning into a mixology show, Marchese notes other mysteries the average person would miss.

“So everyone knows that this is kind of a soda fountain wet bar for entertaining purposes. You know, we’ve got lots of decorative things up here, but what is one of the most important things you need if you are going to make a drink?”

I’ll answer this one. Ice. You need ice. No one wants a warm drink. Well, Elvis Presley has you covered. Hidden in the corner is a tiny little ice maker as well as a mini-fridge. Man cave = complete.

Well, maybe not yet. Marchese notes that one of the paintings contains another secret treasure. No, this isn’t like a switch to a moving wall or moving eyes. The painting lifts up to make way for a small projector.

Across the hall, in the overwhelming pool room, things are just as Elvis Presley had them. Even details such as the receipt for the pool table and the billiards chalk remain the same. Anyone up for a game?

Time has frozen Graceland. The only thing missing is the King himself.