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Elvis Presley’s Graceland: How Did the Iconic Home Get Its Name?

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Elvis Presley’s Graceland had become a family affair of sorts.

From his mother and father to his wife to his grandmother to friends that were like family, Elvis Presley was never alone in the expansive mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

However, the Presley family wasn’t the first to call Graceland home. According to Wide Open Country, Elvis Presley bought the mansion when he was 22 in 1957. He bought it from a family for $102,500, which is now closer to $900,000 today.

Elvis Presley and Graceland Estate

The family that first lived there was The Moores. Presley purchased the home from Ruth Brown Moore. She had named the estate after her aunt, Grace Toof. This is where the term Graceland originated.

Although the house came with its own indescribable charm, Elvis Presley had done a massive amount of renovations over the years. One of the largest was a swimming pool addition in 1957.

Presley had a very distinctive home decorating style. While some would call it outlandish, others would say it was part of Elvis Presley’s uniqueness and character. One of the most exotic rooms, quite literally, was called the Jungle Room. This is where he would go to relax and play music with his friends. He had been inspired by Hawaii to create the jungle-like room at Graceland.

From exotic plants to an artificial waterfall to green carpeting, the room was definitely unique. This is also where he recorded some of his final tracks like “She Thinks I Still Care.”

The iconic Graceland is now the second-most-visited home in the country, besides the White House. His family, including Lisa Marie Presley and Priscilla Presley, still play a role in making sure the place keeps its glory.

Elvis Presley Interior Design Style

Elvis Presley’s interior design style was so unique that, if he was still alive today, he may have had his own HGTV show. From massive mirrors to a jungle den to breathtaking chandeliers, Presley transformed a Southern mansion into a cultural trendsetter home.

According to the Graceland site, Elvis Presley met Bill Eubanks, an interior designer, while he was still in school. He invited him to Graceland to take a look at some of the rooms of the house. Apparently, it was the start of a working relationship.

Eubanks would go on to design several rooms for The King, including the Pool Room and the TV Room. These happen to be two of the most stunning rooms of the estate. The TV room has a mirrored ceiling, a massive lightning bolt painted on the wall, and other interesting design elements. Meanwhile, the Pool Room is all fabric, from wall to ceiling to floor. It has the exotic furniture and decor Presley adored.

Now, Eubanks is still considered an influential designer. He was named one of the top 50 designers by Elements of Living.