Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter Riley Keough Channels Her Inner Pop Star in Stunning New Snaps

by Jon D. B.

One might think it in the cards for the granddaughter of Elvis Presley to become a music sensation. But Riley Keough has always known she was born to act.

In many ways, this comes as no surprise, either. If lineage is to dictate, then Elvis’ many, many Hollywood films come to mind. No matter where Riley Keough lands on the spectrum of fame – chances are her legendary grandfather dabbled there, too.

Regardless, Keough has become a chameleon of sorts – the “it” in “it girl” and an absolute indie darling. So much so, in fact, that InStyle’s piece on the actor focuses as heavily on this as it does her family ties. Surely a welcome change of pace for anyone related to Elvis Presley.

InStyle‘s in-depth look at Keough hit the day prior. It’s a fascinating look at her life so far, with her doing much of the gap-filling herself.

According to InStyle, “you get the sense that an acting career was always in the cards for Keough.”

She “vividly remembers” wanting to pursue performance as a child. Whether through spending hours putting on her own plays, constantly filming others, or making her own horror films – Riley Keough has always been an actor. But it sure is nice to make a living as one, too.

Elvis Presley’s Legacy Led to a ‘Lifestyle’ that Didn’t ‘Permit’ School for Riley Keough

Yet as much as it’s all a Hollywood-dream-come-true for Keough, she still felt like she’s missed out. Specifically on an education. This doesn’t mean she didn’t try, however.

“I think I kind of always felt out of place, and I always felt like I would miss things,” she recalls for InStyle. “I felt like I was behind – I’d get into a new school, and then I would have to leave, and then I wouldn’t keep up with the curriculum, and then I’d have to go to another school…”

All of this began when Riley was “very little.” Her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, lived a “very exciting lifestyle,” she remembers – one she inherited from her father, Elvis Presley. None of which permitted for pursuing any sort of constant education.

“So I kind of just gave up, and I home-schooled, and then I kind of gave up on that too. I didn’t graduate high school. But it’s a shame, because I really wanted an education, and I really wanted to go to college, I just didn’t have a lifestyle that would permit that,” Keough clarifies.

Thankfully for both herself and audiences, Riley Keough has found her place in film, and is set to stun once again as a co-lead in ZOLA from frequent indie collaborators at A24.

ZOLA premiered at Sundance to rave reviews, and hits theaters nationwide today, June 30, 2021.