Elvis Presley’s Long-Time Girlfriend Linda Thompson Posts Rare Pic With the King in ‘Superfly Fashion Mode’

by Josh Lanier

Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley’s longtime girlfriend, shared a photo of Elvis when he was in his “Superfly Fashion Mode.”

The reposted photo features Elvis in oversized sunglasses and a hat on his way to or from Stax Records in 1973, she said. Thompson braces against the dash of the car wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry he’d given her.

“Throwback Thursday … Once in a great while, a photo surfaces that I haven’t seen before. This is one of those photos! Elvis and I were coming or going to Stax Records in Memphis where he was recording an album in 1973. We weren’t wearing seatbelts, so it looks like I was bracing myself against the dashboard. A beautiful vintage ruby bracelet that Elvis had given me while we were in Hawaii is visible on my wrist… Elvis was in his Superfly fashion mode during this time … thanks for this photo to whoever posted it! #Memories”

It’s unclear who posted the original photo. Elvis was likely going to or coming from a recording session for his 1974 album Good Times.

Were The Stax Records Sessions The Beginning Of The End For Elvis?

Elvis Presley’s time at Stax Records in 1973 wasn’t a happy one. According to his book on Elvis’ recording sessions, Ernst Jorgensen said the King was depressed and behaved strangely through the early 1973 Stax Records session.

Presley and his wife Priscilla were in the middle of a bitter divorce. And he was coming off of a grueling tour and clearly wasn’t taking care of himself, Jorgensen said.

“It was obvious from the start that something was very wrong with Elvis Presley,” said piano player Bobby Wood to the author. “(Elvis) had gained weight. His eyes were yellow. His complexion was yellow … I couldn’t believe it was the same guy. He looked totally different and acted totally different too.”

Wood said it was as if the King didn’t want to record at all. He wasn’t well enough to record, anyway, he said.

“(His voice was) so slurred that he seemed scarcely awake. The sound of his voice on the session tapes makes it painfully evident that he had little interest in recording at all.”

RCA put off the sessions until the divorce was settled in October. Elvis returned to the studio in December in better spirits. He and his band turned out Good Times in March of 1974.