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New John Elway Book Wrecks Tim Tebow With New Claims

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

A new book about NFL Hall-of-Famer John Elway places former Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow under the microscope.

Author Jason Cole’s newest offering is “Elway: A Relentless Life” and makes clear that Elway was not a fan of Tebow’s brief NFL tenure, according to The Spun.

Excerpts obtained by The Daily Mail, paint the picture of quarterback who struggled to grasp NFL passing concepts leading to his departure from Denver after only two seasons. The book also brings Tebow’s off-the-field actions into light.

Tebow on the field

One of the most beloved athletes of the last century, Tebow played for the Broncos in 2010 and 2011. He had a storied collegiate career, leading the Florida Gators to two NCAA championships. He also won the Heisman Trophy in 2007, becoming the first collegiate sophomore to claim the prestigious award.

During his time at Florida, Tebow developed a following of Evangelical Christians. He would often write Biblical scripture beneath his eyes and could often be seen on one knee with his head bowed in prayer. This pose took the name “Tebowing” by the quarterback’s fanbase.

The Broncos drafted Tebow in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft. He would claim the starting quarterback position and win a playoff game but lasted only two seasons in Denver before moving on to the New York Jets. His time in the NFL ended after brief stints with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Cole’s book makes clear that his struggles weren’t just on the field. One source allegedly said Tebow was “the most self-centered humble guy I have ever met.”

Off the field

According to the book, Tebow allegedly charged $50,000 for public appearances and to speak at churches. Elway’s wife reportedly asked him to speak at a charity event, to which Tebow’s brother told her it would cost $50,000. The Elway’s reportedly declined.

Cole’s book also claims Tebow alienated his teammates by “hogging the spotlight” and being “money hungry.”

Tebow’s on-field performance for the Broncos was also lackluster. His career was marred with inconsistency as he managed only a 47 percent completion rate.

A Broncos teammates says in the book that Tebow “has no idea what’s going on out there. If the first read doesn’t work, he’s just making it up.”

Now 33-years-old, Tebow went on to pursue a career in professional baseball. He also works for ESPN as a college football analyst.

H/T: The Daily Mail