Exclusive: ‘Gold Rush’ Returns in New Mud-Soaked Video Clip

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage via Getty Images)

Get ready to strike it rich! “Gold Rush” returns tonight at 10 pm central. The upcoming episode promises to be a big one. In an exclusive clip from the episode, Rick Ness and his team find one of the biggest nuggets they’ve ever seen.

Ness and his crew are facing more than just hard work. The pandemic threw a monkey wrench in their plans at the beginning of this season of “Gold Rush.” At the same time, the pandemic is helping to drive them to strike it rich.

At the beginning of the season, last October, fuel prices were down. At the same time, gold prices were steadily climbing. So, getting from the United States to the Yukon Territory in Canada was a chore in and of itself. On the other hand, hard work and frustration will hopefully pay off in the end.

The Richest Season of ‘Gold Rush’ Ever

Good things come from hard work and hard times. The folks on “Gold Rush” can definitely attest to this. Tonight’s episode is the nineteenth of the season and things are definitely starting to look up for Ness and his crew. He may get his redemption after all. However, it isn’t just the hard work that brought the team their big find.

In the video, Ness discusses why they chose their current mining location. He says, “Historically, the lazy bend in a river should be where all the gold is. Kinda putting all of my eggs in this basket, but I really think it’s going to pay off.”

After running their machinery for two hours, they check the sluice boxes and the expletive-laden dialog is enough to highlight how excited the team is about their find.

The exclusive “Gold Rush” clip shows only a brief look at the upcoming episode. So, fans of the show can be sure that there is plenty more gold, both literal and figurative, where that came from. You can tune in tonight at 8 pacific, 10 central or stream the latest episode, “Clear Eyes, Full Pans,” on Discovery+

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