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Ezekiel Elliott Reveals Some Dallas Cowboys Plan to Kneel During National Anthem

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Patrick Smith / Staff / Getty Images)

Despite owner Jerry Jones’s long-time stance that players should stand during the National Anthem, Ezekiel Elliott says that some Dallas Cowboys players will be kneeling on Sunday’s season opener. The star running back spoke out about the ongoing NFL controversy this past week.

“I think we’re going to have guys kneeling, we’re going to have guys standing, and the biggest thing is that we’re all supporting each other,” Elliott said, during an interview according to Pro Football Talk. “We’re all supporting each other and that’s what’s going to bring us all together.”

In past years, Jerry Jones openly voiced his opposition to kneeling during the anthem. However, according to Ezekiel Elliott, he feels that the billionaire NFL owner will support his players’ decisions.

“I think everyone in the locker room feels that we’re going to get support from ownership, coaching staff and from each other. I think everyone is going to feel free to express themselves however they choose to,” Elliott said.

Ezekiel Elliott Says Players Will Kneel, Jerry Jones Supports Them but Has Concerns About Losing Fans

While Jones may support the players’ right to choose, he does worry that the protests might alienate fans. He spoke out during a recent interview about mixing politics with sports.

“That is a huge issue. Huge. You know by just the nature of the way that I run the team how much I appreciate the interest that’s in the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said while speaking with 105.3 The FAN. “I’m very sensitive to that. That’s exactly why I’ve said that I want our players to be very sensitive to just how important it is to the majority of our fans. More than any other team. The majority of our fans how sensitive they are recognizing what this great country is and what this flag stands for.”

Jones continued by saying: “Everybody knows where I stand. And there’s no equivocation there at all. Consequently, I want everybody to understand that if any player that is standing out there has a serious, serious, serious awareness of the kind of sensitivity there is there and they ask for help. It’s not good to be obstreperous or anything if you’re asking people to see it through your eyes and see it in your way. It is important to show the kind of grace.”

Furthermore, Jones explains that his organization hopes to make a step in the right direction. “It’s all about trying hard to move the ball forward to see where the other guy is coming from,” he said. “Not necessarily to agree, but to see where he is coming from. I hope the Dallas Cowboys can be part of that just because that’s of interest in what we’re talking about this morning.”

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