‘Family Affair’ Star Kathy Garver Describes Co-Star Brian Keith as ‘Just a Wonderful Man’

by Samantha Whidden

Although their hit series Family Affair came to an end in 1971, Kathy Garver is still showing love and support for her late co-star Brian Keith.

While speaking about Keith, who passed away in 1997 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, The Family Affair star describes him as “just a wonderful man.” She states to Fox News, “[He was] so talented and so giving of his time.”Garver then called him a very loving person who also loved kids. “At the same time, he was this macho man and an ex-marine,” she explains. 

Kathy also explains that every cast member of Family Affair had their own acting style. She explains that Sebastian Cabot, having a different acting style than Brian. “That combination served me well because I cherry-picked all their best aspect,” Garver shares. 

Kathy then recalls how her Family Affair castmate was there for her during the darkest times on set.

“When Robert Kennedy was assassinated, I was just so upset,” she recalls. “Yet he was so comforting. He gave me a huge and was just so understanding.” Kathy then adds that he was a very warm and sensitive man.

Garver and Keith starred on the CBS sitcom Family Affair from 1966 to 1971. Brian played William Sean Roger (or Uncle Bill) and Garve was Catherine Allison Rachel “Cissy” Patterson Davis. The show follows Bill, a highly paid and successful engineer who must change his lifestyle after receiving a group of unexpected “guests” in his large NYC apartment. A little over ten years after Brian Keith’s death, his Family Affair castmates celebrated his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Kathy Garver Talks Career & Relationship With Other ‘Family Affair’ Castmates

Kathy Garver discusses how her career is going. She is currently working on a Family Affair spin-off called Aunt Cissy. The upcoming series will also include the grandson of the sitcom’s original creators. She says that she’s in her “golden” era. “I have never been busier,” Kathy proclaims. “I like being older, and healthy.”

Garver then talks about her relationship with her other Family Affair castmates by stating everyone like each other and got along well. “Of course when you’re with somebody all day, it’s nice to go home to your own family,” she explains. 

Kathy goes on to speak about Family Affair’s popularity increasing despite ending 50 years ago.

“Not only were the stories very good, I think the audience felt comfortable knowing what they were going to see.”

The actress states, “It’s a [bit] of nostalgia, a [bit] of comfort.” She also says that there’s currently so much unsureness, so it’s nice to go for “22 minutes” and “watch something that’s simple and about love.” She concludes that Cissy was probably 80 percent of her. “So, Cissy never left me. I’m still her.”