‘NCIS’ Fans Notice a Sad Detail About Ziva David’s Wardrobe in Season 4

by Anna Dunn

It’s a couple of months into the NCIS hiatus. Therefore, people are starting to notice details during their re-watches of the hit procedural series. Some fans noticed a pretty poignant detail about Ziva David’s wardrobe following the events in a season 4 episode. The episode, called Dead Man Walking saw Ziva deal with a pretty big tragedy.

The episode finds a man named Roy Sanders walking through the doors of the department. Strangely, he asks the team to solve his own murder. Someone poisoned the Lieutenant. The team quickly works to solve the case, even knowing that Sanders will die shortly.

Sanders and Ziva grew particularly close throughout the course of the episode. As Looper covered, fans noticed that following Roy’s death, Ziva wore the man’s orange hat in subsequent episodes. The tragic detail is one of the many ways that the wardrobe department would work with other departments to bring the show to life.

Ziva Actress Cote De Pablo Has Since Left ‘NCIS’

Ziva David is a character that fans are constantly hoping will return to NCIS. Actress Cote De Pablo left the show after season 10. She did, however, reprise her role in a shocking twist for seasons 16 and 17. The NCIS team and fans alike initially assumed Ziva was dead, but her return caught everyone off guard.

Apparently, production was ultra careful to make sure the secret was kept hidden, and Cote De Pablo had to be secretly ushered to different meanings and to the set.

“It was like a top-secret operation,” she told BUILD.” My god, these guys were like no joke. They were calling every second like ‘we’re delayed by an hour. we’re delayed by two hours. Just you wait. Stay put.’ I was like ‘Where am I going to go? I’m here for this!”

Ziva’s return to the show has now made fans question if she’ll return again. In a conversation with Gibbs in season 17, Ziva told him she was upset that the NCIS team didn’t try harder to look for her, and that she would have investigated Gibb’s death or disappearance if she ever heard that happened to him.

And after season 18’s literally explosive finale that found Gibbs swimming away from an assassination attempt, Gibbs very well may have just faked his own death. If Cote De Pablo were to want to return to the show, this would be a great reason.

Fans will just have to wait and see what happens when the hit series returns this fall. NCIS season 19 will premiere on Monday, September 20th at 9pm. It’ll serve as a lead-in show in the new timeslot to its newest spinoff, NCIS: Hawai’i. Its other spinoff still on the air is NCIS: Los Angeles, which will premiere a couple of weeks later on Sunday, October 10th.