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Fans Rally Behind Patricia Heaton as She Celebrates Three Years of Sobriety

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Actress Patricia Heaton was glowing in her July 10 Twitter video. The actress posted on the social media site after she was just finishing a 3 1/2 mile walk around her reservoir.

“Hello, friends!” Patricia Heaton exclaimed between breaths in the July 10 video.

“It’s July, where we celebrate our nation’s freedom,” the “Middle” actress said in the Tweet that was captioned “A lot to celebrate this month.”

Donning a baseball cap, a pair of kicky aviator shades, and a pair of rose gold Beats headphones, Heaton disclosed a personal achievement during the candid moment.

“Also celebrating three years of freedom from alcohol for me,” the actress beamed.

“So just wanted to share that with you,” Patricia Heaton continued.

“Message me if any of you are thinking about doing that if any of you are doing that now and need some encouragement or anything at all, ” Heaton added in the post before signing off by wishing her fans a great day.

While it was clear in the video that Patrica Heaton was sharing her achievement in an effort to provide support for others who may be starting a similar journey, the support the actress received in relation to her own struggles was amazing.

Patricia Heaton Inspires Fans With Candid Tweet

Within minutes of the video’s post, fans were congratulating Patricia Heaton for her choices and sharing their own stories with similar struggles.

“Patricia congrats on 3 years of sobriety,” wrote one Twitter user. “But even more, I love how you shared a personal struggle publicly which paved the way to then show the power of God—for all to see. Love it.”

“Thank you for this video,” another Twitter fan wrote. “You have motivated me to give up alcohol. I have been swimming and playing golf to get back shape. I find that when I go weeks without alcohol, my mind is so much clearer and I feel good. God Bless.”

Other fans shared the struggle they are currently battling as they work to totally rid their lives of alcohol.

“I was 6 days sober,” wrote Twitter user ~ms dar on Patricia Heaton’s Twitter post.

“Then Saturday happened. I ask myself every day, if Brad Pitt and Eminem can quit alcohol, why can’t I,” ~ms dar continued, adding that the star is looking good in her new life. “By the way, you look wonderful!”

In February 2020, the “Everybody Loves Raymond” star released her latest book “Your Second Act: Inspiring Stories of Reinvention.” We have to say, Miss Heaton, this is one amazing second act. And, the actress’s Twitter followers seem to agree!