‘Fantasy Island’ Final Episode Aired On This Day in 1984 on ABC

by Keeli Parkey

It is said that all good things must come to an end. This was the case for the popular television show “Fantasy Island” during the mid-1980s.

The series finale of the unique show aired on May 19, 1984. That’s 37 years ago today! The Twitter account @RetroNewsNow also reminded television viewers and the show’s fans of its final episode with a tweet that included footage from the show.

For the readers who have never seen an episode of “Fantasy Island,” the show, according to IMDb.com, follows the life of a character known as Mr. Roarke. He operates an unusual resort on an island situated in the Pacific Ocean.

However, this isn’t just any resort. On this island oasis, visitors can ask to experience any fantasy. But, there’s a catch – there’s always a catch, after all. Therefore on this island, the visitors’ fantasies don’t play out as they hoped.

Playing Mr. Roarke was Ricardo Montalban. He was also joined on the show by his loyal companion. That character was named “Tattoo.” He was played by Hervé Villechaize. One of the most memorable aspects of “Fantasy Island” came about thanks to Villechaize. Of course, that is him saying, “Ze plane! Ze plane!”

Montalban and Villechaize were the two main actors on “Fantasy Island.” Montalban appeared in 154 episodes during the show’s run from 1977 to 1984. Villechaize acted in 132 episodes.

In comparing other actors’ total number of episodes on the show, there is almost no comparison. In fact, based on data shared by IMDb.com, the actor who appeared in the most “Fantasy Island” episodes after Montalban and Villechaize was Christopher Hewett. However, he appeared in only 22 episodes as the character Lawrence.

Fans of “Fantasy Island” tuned in for the show’s series finale on May 19, 1984. The final episode was titled “Surrogate Mother/Ideal Woman.” In addition to Ricardo Montalban and Hervé Villechaize, this episode of the show also starred the famous Spanish-American artist Charo.

Charo played Yolanda Morales. It is her character’s plot that was the focus of much of the episode.

According to IMDb.com, the plot of the finale episode of “Fantasy Island” was: “Yolanda Morales fears giving up her baby to Michael and Andrea Anderson, for whom she is bearing the child. Ben Saunders wants to reunite with the love of his life Sally Marshall but a cash problem and a beauty contest complicate matters.”