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Farmers are Ticked at Jason Momoa Right Now: Here’s Why

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Eamonn M. McCormack / Stringer

Famed actor Jason Momoa is in hot water with Hawaiian farmers. The Aquaman star has reportedly annoyed farmers because of his latest project, “Chief of War.” 

According to reports, the upcoming limited Apple TV+ series has forced the farmer’s market to stay closed for the first two Saturdays in December. The new historical drama started production last week. As for Momoa, he acts as the show’s main character, co-creator, and executive producer. 

However, the production seems to be off to a rocky start. The Big Island’s Kaimu Farmer’s Market announced in late October that farmers would not be able to sell their goods on Dec. 3 and Dec. 10 because Momoa’s new show can use the site for filming. 

Later, one fan asked if the farmers could use another location. However, the manager of the farmer’s market manager said it wasn’t a possibility. “Do you have about four acres for us to rent? Find a space for us. Become part of the solution,” the manager said in response. 

In addition, the manager also revealed to news outlets that market organizers would not reimburse farmers for not working the two weekends before Christmas day. 

“We have not been in conversation with them at all as they are leasing the property from the property managers just as we lease the property for the Saturday market,” the manager admitted to TMZ. 

Nearly six weeks ago, the property manager told vendors they would not be able to work on Dec. 3. Less than a month later, they were told they couldn’t use the property on the 10th. 

Jason Momoa’s new show hinders local Hawaiian farmers from selling goods

They were told about six weeks ago that they would not be able to use the property on Dec. 3, then three weeks later, it was revealed they could not use the area on Dec. 10. 

“We were not given a choice,” revealed the manager. “It hits us farmer’s the worst because we now have no venue to sell eggs, for instance.” But, they added: “The chickens keep laying whether we have a market or not.” 

Jason Momoa’s team has yet to comment on the ordeal.

Last week, the production for the show kicked off. On the first day of filming, the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, also known as CNHA, offered a pule (prayer or blessing) to bless the crew and actors working on the show. 

Previously in October, they filmed in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. The “Game of Thrones” alum also partnered with New Zealand natives for a welcoming ceremony. In addition, the site will reportedly act as a stand-in for 18th Century Hawaii.

Momoa, also a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, will play the role of Kaʻiana. The show is set in 18th-century Hawaii and follows the colonization of the islands from the point of view of the native Hawaiians.