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Fast Food Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving For an Unconventional 2020 Holiday

by Matthew Wilson
Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

When people think of Thanksgiving, they imagine turkey and extravagant feasts. But 2020 has been quite the year with an on-going global pandemic. Some people may just want a quick bite to eat at a fast-food restaurant for dinner.

Unfortunately, many restaurants and fast food places may be closed. According to Womply, a software provider, Thanksgiving has been the second-slowest day annually for restaurants.

“Local restaurants have been hit especially hard by the pandemic,” Brad Plothow, Womply vice president of corporate marketing and communications, told USA TODAY.

But several fast-food restaurants are still open for the holiday. Visitors may want to call or check ahead to make sure their local restaurants are open. But these fast-food chains plan to be open on Thanksgiving:

  • Burger King
  • Domino’s
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Jack in the Box
  • Little Caesars
  • McDonald’s
  • Papa John’s
  • Pizza Hut
  • Popeyes
  • Wendy’s
  • Subway
  • Sonic
  • Steak n’ Shake
  • Popeyes
  • Starbucks

Create These Fast Food Recipes

For those that would like to get creative with their fast-food cuisine, BuzzFeed has the perfect recipes. A cheeseburger is cool and all, but perhaps you would like to try the assorted nugget platter or the Doritos Locos fiesta dip wheel.

For the fiesta dip, you will need nine of Taco Bell’s of Doritos Locos Tacos ( three of each flavor: Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheese, and Fiery). You will also need six boxes of Doritos Loaded cheese triangles from the grocery store.

To create the recipe, gut the tacos and empty their contents into a bowl. Cut the taco shells into two and bake the shells at 350 F degrees until they’re crispy. For the Loaded triangles, stack them in a tower in the middle of a bowl. Mix up the taco filling and pour it into the bowl as well. Finally, break the tacos into chips and stick them in the dip.

For the assorted nugget platter, you will need three 20-piece orders of McDonald’s chicken nuggets, three orders of chicken select from Arby’s, and two fried chicken legs and wings from KFC. Arrange the nuggets in the middle and surround them by chicken tenders, then create an outer layer of drumsticks and wings.

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