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‘Fast & Furious’ Star Lucas Black Sends Passionate Message After Taking Son to ER

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images)

Actor Lucas Black of the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise shared a message with his followers after taking his son to the ER.

Black, who played Sean Boswell in the third “Fast & Furious” movie, “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” in 2006, offered this update on Twitter.

Thankfully, his son was OK.

Also, Black reprised his role as Boswell with a cameo in “Furious 7” that was released in 2015. He also played Boswell to a fuller extent in the latest “Fast & Furious” installment, “F9.” That film was released this year.

If his name is familiar to those Outsiders who watch “NCIS” shows on a regular basis, then you are right. Lucas Black played NCIS Special Agent LaSalle for five seasons on “NCIS: New Orleans.”

Black left the TV show in 2019 reportedly to spend more time with his family.

He’s been married to lawyer Maggie O’Brien since 2010. They have three children in their family.

There’s no word if Lucas Black will be part of the final two “Fast & Furious” movies in the future. But his presence has been within recent films and he is no longer tied to a TV series. As we said, Black left “NCIS: New Orleans” in 2019. CBS canceled the series in May 2021.

‘Fats & Furious’ Star Shared Spiritual-Themed Messages To Fans

If anyone has been following Lucas Black on social media, then it will not be surprising to know that a lot of his messages are spiritual.

For instance, back on Sept. 6, the “Fast & Furious” star tweeted out a message on having a purpose.

“You were made for a purpose! God cares about you! And… others care about you too. #purpose,” he wrote

When he wrote that purpose-themed message, it came days after Black said he’d been working with his church in the Hurricane Ida aftermath. They were specifically focused on serving meals to those in need.

“The body of Christ shines bright during a time of crisis. All the glory to God,” Black tweeted. Fans offered their good wishes upon reading this message. A fan wrote, “This is the kind of thing that should be trending!”

Meanwhile, Black shared a photo on his Instagram account of a rainbow after Ida had passed through New Orleans.

“God let’s us know He still loves us by revealing His promises in the middle of the worst storms! Let’s hold on to His Word,” his caption said on IG. “He always keeps His word and it never fails. In this trying time we are standing on His promises.”

Black continues to help those affected in New Orleans through his church. He also will be waiting for a new project in his acting career, too.