‘FBI’: Alana De La Garza Reveals Why Show Refuses to Give Scripts to Actors Until Just Before Filming

by Kati Michelle
(David M. Russell/CBS 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Outside of films and TV, the FBI is known as one of the most secretive organizations there is. Well, that’s next to their other three-lettered counterpart, the CIA, of course.

Dick Wolf and the rest of the team behind the “Law & Order” franchise try to portray this dangerous world of counterintelligence with the CBS drama, “FBI.” The show focuses on the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its top-notch officers as they try to combat terrorism and organized crime. According to Alana De La Garza (AKA Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille), the making of the show “FBI” is just as secretive.

In a recent interview with Starry Mag, she revealed that the show refuses to give scripts to any of the actors until just before the filming of each episode. Here’s what we know.

Alana De La Garza Says She is Often in the Same Boat as Viewers at Home When it Comes to Anticipating the Next Twist in the Series

At one point during the interview, Alana De La Garza was asked what she could tease as far as twists and turns for the upcoming episodes of “FBI.” She proceeded to give this shocking answer:

“I never know…Unless someone says something directly to us and pulls us aside and says, ‘this is going to happen.'” She goes on to explain: “We get the scripts sometimes a day before we are going to be shooting. So, we don’t know.”

At the end of the day, your guess is as good as hers, but the scripts never let her down.

“I know, in true Wolf Film fashion, it will be action-packed, exciting and unexpected and a fun, entertaining ride. Other than that, I’m just as excited to read the scripts as everybody is to see them.”

Dick Wolf probably utilizes this system for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, it reduces the chance of any “leaks” to fans and the press ahead of time. Second, it makes the actors’ reactions that much rawer when they do start filming. Outsiders dig authenticity and Dick Wolf does too.

An Unscripted Crossover With ‘Law & Order’ Star Jamie Gray Hyder 

Fans can’t get enough crossover content, especially within the Dick Wolf franchise. We’ve already talked about “FBI” scripts with Alana De La Garza, so why don’t we take a minute to pivot to some unscripted moments featuring “Law & Order” star Jamie Gray Hyder?

The two female powerhouses sat down for a virtual call together at the end of last year. During their conversation, they explored their careers, described what it’s like to be part of the Dick Wolf cinematic universe, and even answered some burning fan questions.

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