‘FBI’: Alana De La Garza Talking About Her ‘Relationships’ is What Fans Love to Hear

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Manny Carabel/WireImage

If you ask FBI star Alana De la Garza, her favorite part about being an actress is all the relationships she’s made along the way.

Alana de la Garza is one of the staples in the crime show industry. She is known for her roles as Connie Rubirosa on Law & Order, Law & Order: LA, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In addition, she played the role of Marisol Delko-Caine on CSI: Miami. She has also appeared in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

But ever since 2019, De la Garza has been starring as SAC Isobel Castille on FBI. She was asked in a previous interview what she has personally taken away from her time working on the series.

Her answer? All of the relationships she now has with her colleagues.

“It’s really the relationships that you build with the people you work with because you are spending so many hours together that you develop friendships.”

When you have those great relationships behind the scenes, that just makes production go smooth and makes the show enjoyable to watch.

“There is something really relaxing about that creative process when you trust the people you work with and you’re able to perform. If you’re able to take words off a page and, luckily, the words that are on our pages are just incredible. The storytellers that we have that are writing these scripts are so good that you can trust that and you’re able to feel creatively complete by trusting the other characters on the show who are also your friends. There is something relaxing about that.”

‘FBI’ Star Is the Polar Opposite of Her Character on the Show

Things are good for FBI star Alana de la Garza. There’s no doubt about that. But she also made mention of how difficult it can be when first starting out as an actor.

“Sometimes it is hard, especially when I think you’re first starting out as an actor, where you are given dialogue where you are not always the character… So, now I’m a little older I’m like, ‘It’s fun to make people feel things and have them go, ‘What? I don’t like the way she just talked to him!'” When you’re new, you’re like, ‘Oh man! Oh man! This is rough!”

In real life, De la Garza isn’t always so sure of her answers. She explained that there have been many times she wonders if she could have worded something differently. But her character on FBI is the exact opposite. And that’s what makes her so fun to play.

“The fun thing about playing Isobel is that she knows what to say. She is like, ‘Come again? Let’s go.’ So, there is something really fun about that. Becoming somebody you’re not and just playing with them. My family loves to text me during shows and go, ‘Oh my God! Remind me never to get you mad!'”