‘FBI’ Asks Viewers to Prepare for ‘Justice’ in Explosive Trailer for Crossover

by Suzanne Halliburton

Are you ready for three frenetic hours of FBI?

CBS dropped another trailer, Wednesday, to hype the season premiere of FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, followed by new spinoff, FBI: International. The action is set for Sept. 21. So start the countdown clock. The new fall season for all network TV shows starts in days.

The FBI block of shows is all about crossovers. The show’s Twitter account posted:

“THREE hours. THREE teams. THREE letters. (Heart) this tweet for a reminder to watch the first three weeks of The FBIs #FBICBS, #FBIMostWanted, and #FBIInternational. Premiering Tuesday, September 21 during the crossover event at 8/7c on CBS.”

In the clip, you see agent Omar Adom Zidan (Zeeko Zaki) yell “Shots fired! Agent down!”

Then Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon) exclaims “We have to work together out here.” There are more pleas of “everybody down.”

And finally, someone says “go arrest that bastard.”

FBI Creator Said He Wants To Stack Shows So It Feels Like Binge Watching

Dick Wolf, the Law & Order guru who worked his magic with the FBI franchise, said he wanted all three episodes to stack, seamlessly, one on top of the other. He likens it to people binging their favorite shows on a streaming service.

“We know this works, that there are certain dynamics that are just true when you stack these shows,” Wolf said at a Television Critics Association Q&A last week. “You can look at research that tells you that everybody talks about binges, and people bingeing a series and watching (a season) in three nights.”

“These are streaming series where the average order is 8, and you can get through a whole bunch of episodes.  But the average binge is three hours,” he told Deadline. “That seems to be where people are most comfortable if they’re going to sit down and watch something. And after 40 years of doing this, the one thing I know is that if you set the table correctly for an American television audience, they’ll stay.”

Plots of Three Shows Will Feature Jeffrey Epstein Character

Wolf acknowledges that real headlines generate his fictional FBI stories. Fans will recognize who the alleged criminals are.

“All these shows are fiction,” Wolf said. “I start with that. But there are certain elements in this show that will remind the audience of Jeffrey Epstein and Steve Bing, and other people that have been in the papers over the past year, Ghislaine Maxwell.

“It’s really exciting. It’s not the same story,” the FBI creator said. “But it’s a story that in its scale not only justifies but thrives on three hours in a row. And we know these work. When they’re done well, they’re ratings crack. To be able to introduce International with a three-way crossover, I think is an amazing opportunity which I’m very, very grateful to the powers that be at CBS for saying, ‘Go for it and do it and hopefully knock it out of the park.’”

The first hour deals with the agents investigating the death of a young woman who had attended a party on a ritzy yacht. Some high-powered men were guests. The manhunt starts in the second hour then continues into FBI: International. A skilled team from Hungary chases down the main suspect who has taken a 14-year-old girl with him to Croatia.

Stay tuned.