‘FBI’ Goes Behind the Scenes of Heartbreaking Set Piece in New Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dick Wolf’s FBI drama usually features a case of the week and a smidgen of back story about one of the characters.

On Tuesday’s FBI episode called Fire and Rain, Wolf’s drama revealed more details about the very sad back story of agent Stuart Scola (John Boyd). Specifically, we heard more about how Scola’s reasons for leaving his Wall Street career behind. And they have a lot to do with brother, Doug.

Two decades ago, Doug Scola died in the rubble of the World Trade Center on 9-11. Scola still is feeling so much guilt about Doug’s death. The two had a get together for that morning. Instead, Scola canceled and his brother headed to work.

FBI viewers Tuesday night saw Doug’s black marble grave marker. The Wolf Entertainment social media account supplied some details on how it was created.

“Our FBI CBS Art Dept created Doug’s headstone using high-pressure laminate, polystyrene foam, and a medium density overlay plywood,” the social media account posted. “They then used a laser engraver to carve the letters into the laminate and our scenic team applied paint and finishing to make it look like stone!”

FBI Fans, Did You Recognize a West Wing Actor?

CBS provided the plot summary for Tuesday’s FBI episode:

“The team attempts to extract key information from a vulnerable 9/11 widow, Hannah Thompson (Janel Moloney), who is shocked that her new “boyfriend” is the manipulative leader of a terrorist group planning an attack. Also, Scola is reminded of his brother’s death on 9/11, and Tiffany worries about his emotional choices during the investigation.”

Fans of The West Wing probably recognized Moloney. She played Donna Moss on the iconic drama from 1999 to 2006.

In the episode, Scola would do anything to prevent another big terrorist attack. Tiffany, his partner, worried about him as agents investigated whether terrorists were targeting New York for another massive attack.

David M. Russell/CBS

Scola Used Some Underhanded Tactics in Dealing with Terrorist Boss

Moloney’s character didn’t realize she was helping finance the bombing by taking money from her 401K to give to her boyfriend. She thought he was a filmmaker. All Scola cared about was preventing another attack And he’d do anything. That included bringing the terrorist’s teenaged brother to where the bomb was set to explode. The terrorist relented and gave up information about the attack. The FBI bosses probably won’t care about Scola’s methods since he got the desired results.

FBI fans loved the episode as Scola became fodder for so many gifs.

FBI moves on to another new episode next Tuesday, Dec. 14. It’s called “Unfinished Business.” CBS provided this plot summary: “After Rina is critically wounded while heading to work with Jubal, the team makes the chilling discovery that a vengeful Vargas (David Zayas) orchestrated the shooting from behind bars and continues to target the rest of their team and their loved ones.”

Then after a break for the holidays, FBI returns Jan 4, when the agents investigate a jewelry robbery connected to a double murder. Keep it with Outsider for more details about the show.