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‘FBI’ Cast Discuss What It’s Really Like Filming on Streets of New York

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

A number of cast members on the CBS show “FBI” have had interesting and numerous experiences while filming episodes in New York City.

They are not shy about sharing some words about their experiences, too.

Take a look at this video posted on the show’s Twitter account on Sunday.

Among those “FBI” stars talking in the video include Missy Peregrym, who plays FBI Special Agent Maggie Bell. Other stars on the show include Zeeko Zaki as FBI Special Agent Omar Adom “O.A.” Zidan. Jeremy Sisto also is part of the CBS drama’s cast, too.

This show happens to be part of the “FBI” franchise developed by executive producer Dick Wolf. If that name sounds familiar, then yes, he’s the same man behind the “Law & Order” franchise.

‘FBI’ Acts as Lead-In Show For Other Parts of Franchise Created By Dick Wolf

“FBI” joins two other related shows, “FBI: Most Wanted” and “FBI: International,” on the CBS schedule. One thing that helps all of them is that they air on the same night, Tuesdays.

Outsiders who have an interest in all three shows can start their Tuesday nights with “FBI” at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. “Most Wanted” and “International” follow its lead. In fact, all three shows had a crossover feel when they premiered on Sept. 21.

Someone might wonder why all three shows are being stacked together.

Wolf talked about it with Deadline

“We know this works, that there are certain dynamics that are just true when you stack these shows,” he said. “You can look at research that tells you that everybody talks about binges, and people bingeing a series and watching (a season) in three nights.”

Wolf also says “FBI” viewers have a habit of binge-watching shows. It goes beyond Wolf’s shows, too.

“These are streaming series where the average order is 8, and you can get through a whole bunch of episodes,” the veteran show creator said in the interview. “But the average binge is three hours.

CBS Entertainment Executive Expresses Pleasure in Expanding of Show’s Offerings

“That seems to be where people are most comfortable if they’re going to sit down and watch something. And after 40 years of doing this, the one thing I know is that if you set the table correctly for an American television audience, they’ll stay.”

If anyone knows about viewing habits, then it’s Wolf. He’s the mind behind “Law & Order” and all of its spin-offs.

CBS is quite pleased that Wolf decided to bring a series like “FBI” to its network. His track record speaks volumes and they know it.

“‘FBI’ is the fastest growing brand on television and our partner, Dick Wolf, has found yet another creative way to expand its universe,” CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl said in an interview with Deadline.