‘FBI’: Full Recap of Season 4, Episode 4

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS/2021 Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

FBI opens late at night. A man walks out of a bar. He hops into a van, telling the driver he’s going to make him “feel so good.”

But this FBI episode is called Know Thyself. And it’s about a serial killer who is targeting young Black men who are gay and homeless. They turn tricks to earn enough money to pay for their next meal.

The man we see at the beginning will be one of the victims. The van driver takes out a knife and slices his throat. That’s what he does. Within hours, the FBI team finds the body. He was buried in a national park outside the city. A nature photographer tripped over an arm of the dead guy. The officers brought cadaver-sniffing dogs who find several more buried bodies.

The agents figure out that the murderer has killed five men in two weeks. A sixth man is found dead. His body was dumped in some trash.

Halfway through the episode, the agents believe that the relative of a co-worker could be the chief suspect. That’s Terrence, the Baptist preacher cousin of Tiffany. And it was Stuart, Tiffany’s partner, who had the initial hunch.

Photo: David M. Russell/CBS 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

FBI Suspects Tiff’s Cousin, the Preacher. But Is It Him?

Terrence works outreach in the homeless community. He snaps photographs and takes extensive notes. But he denies knowing anything. The FBI finds video of Terrence outside a nightclub. The guy in question is carrying a shovel. But Terrence says that it’s not him. Is he lying?

Tiffany is confronted by her uncle when he finds out Terrence is in custody. “This is your cousin you’re talking about. You grew up with him… People are going to think he’s a freak. All because of you and this damn job.”

When the other FBI agents file out of the interrogation room, Tiffany slips in to talk to her cousin. She turns off all the cameras and audio recordings, telling Terrence not to lie anymore. Why isn’t he telling her the truth, she asks.

“It’s a gay club,” he says. “I’m a Baptist pastor. You do the math.” Terrence says he might be gay. He doesn’t know. But he’s worried that the church will find out he’s frequenting these clubs. He even turns off his phone when he’s in there so no one can track him.

Tiffany sifts through the photos of men who have bought the same sort of shovel used to bury the bodies. She recognizes one of the men as being the bouncer at the nightclub.

The Bouncer Did It, But Terrence Pays a Price, Too

Greg Robinson, the bouncer, bought that shovel. And GPS showed that he was near the park where the bodies were buried.

Cut to another scene, Stuart has found another victim, but he’s still alive. The bouncer walks up on Tiffany’s partner. He has a knife. But Tiffany slips out of the shadows and shoots the killer dead.

There are consequences for Tiffany’s cousin. He lied about what he knew. She tells him: “If you had told the truth, that last victim would be alive. I just wish you’d have told me. Lying to an agent, that’s a felony. And now my hands are tied.”