‘FBI’: How Alana De La Garza Was Convinced to Take Role of Isobel Castille

by John Jamison
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Alana De La Garza was a late cast addition to the FBI series. Dick Wolf initially saw her as a regular on FBI: Most Wanted, but in the end, both shows got her by way of a franchise—the third to Wolf’s name. De La Garza is a seasoned veteran of Wolf Entertainment, and her experience with “The Wolf Pack” led her to sign on to FBI without even knowing who the character would be.

Since 2019, Alana De La Garza has played Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille in the newest Dick Wolf franchise. FBI: Most Wanted got her for six episodes in 2020 due to Wolf’s patented crossover technique. But her home is on FBI, where she’s 40 episodes deep and is currently in her third season with the show.

In 2006, the Isobel Castille actor first crossed paths with Dick Wolf on the original Law & Order series. She played Assistant District Attorney Connie Rubirosa in 85 episodes over the last four years of the show. De La Garza reprised the role on the short-lived Law & Order: LA a year later.

That experience seems to have left quite the impression on her. She didn’t even need to ask questions when asked if she’d rejoin the pack.

“Yeah, I really trust The Wolf Pack. I worked with him for many years, and they seem to put together, gather all of these people that collaboratively want to do the same thing and have the same goals of creating the best TV and the best entertainment that we can, So, to be honest, when this offer came by, I had no idea what her character was. I didn’t have the script, I didn’t know anything,” Alana De La Garza told Starrymag in January.

The ‘FBI’ Star Technically Signed On for a Different Show

Dick Wolf has transcended networks. His Law & Order and One Chicago franchises have called NBC home for years. But when he set out to do FBI, Wolf went to CBS. So Alana De La Garza was faced with an offer for a still-mysterious character on a different series than intended on Wolf’s new network. A lot of moving parts here.

“In fact, I was on FBI: Most Wanted originally. Then, as time kind of went on, they were like, ‘I think we will be able to use you on FBI.’ Kind of more of going back and forth. So, I thought, ‘Oh great!’ I really just sort of trusted them, and then when I was introduced, it really was a doozy!” De La Garza continued in the interview.

Fortunately, things have worked out for the best. FBI is a bonafide success with four seasons, and if Wolf’s track record is any indication, there are plenty more in store.