‘FBI’: How the Initial End of ‘Law & Order’ Made for Natural Transition for Jeremy Sisto

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

If you’re a fan of both FBI and Law & Order, it might come as no surprise, then, that star of FBI Jeremy Sisto saw that it was a natural transition for him to move from one universe to the next. Sisto liked the move.

Sisto explained why it was so easy to Long Island Weekly. He said, “I was on Law & Order when they closed out the 20-year run of the original show.” So, Sisto already had a lot of experience in this regard when it came to working with Dick Wolf way back in the day.

He continued, “Dick called me and had me come by to have me meet him and Craig [Turk], who is the other creator of the show, along with a couple of other producers that I’ve known. We just talked about [FBI] and it was towards the end of pilot season and it seemed cool. Dick is a good person to be in business with and it’s always a nice feeling when someone you’ve worked with calls you back because that means they liked working with you. I liked the idea of the role. It wasn’t the usual thing on these shows. It was the one thing that was a little different.”

He continued, “They don’t have a guy like this on the cop shows where you’re the head of this big room trying to sort people and organize information. It seemed like a challenge and a fun role to play. It had a lot of possibility for success.”

Clearly, Wolf was a fan of Sisto as he worked for him decades ago on the NBC drama. He clearly enjoyed working for Wolf, too. As he mentions that he is someone that is good to be on good terms with and work with.

Jeremy Sisto on ‘FBI’

Another fascinating element is that Sisto’s answer suggests that it required the right kind of role for him. For him to get back into procedurals. If it wasn’t the right role that challenged him in a different way, similar to Rob Lowe on ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’, then he was not interested. It was that simple. It is the issue of going through the motions that actors tend to want to avoid. His role, though, that was pitched to him was a different kind of role entirely on cop procedurals. He is in a fun role where he is tasked with an extremely different style.

Still, it’s a role for his character. As Sisto said of his character“He’s a good guy.” He concluded, “He’s definitely obsessed with his job, but he’s also obsessed with his kids. His marriage did not work out probably because of the difficulties of the job. Not only is it a difficult job for the people who do it, but also it takes a toll on the family. He’s still devoted to his family, which tells a lot about him.”

This job is not for everybody, but it certainly works for Sisto and the cast of FBI. The character works and Sisto is happy. You can watch FBI on NBC.