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‘FBI’: How Missy Peregrym Approaches Being a Leader on Set

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Veteran actress Missy Peregrym knows what it takes to be a guest star and she takes it seriously in her role as an “FBI” castmate and leader.

The native Canadian told Variety in 2018 that she tries to make people “feel safe to be vulnerable” when they come to the show, whether they guest star or not. She wants them to know they’re at a place where “they can really try new things,” and basically, they “don’t have to nail it right away.”

The 39-year-old Peregrym, who started acting in 2000 with a guest role on “Dark Angel,” has been a series regular with her current show since 2018. She stars as FBI Agent Maggie Bell. 

“FBI” broadcasts on CBS Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern.

‘FBI’ Star Knows Pressure As A Guest 

Missy Peregrym knows how vital a guest spot on a show can be for an actor. Shoot, she’s done it for shows like “Hawaii Five-O” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

With each role comes a good bit of pressure to produce and quick. Peregrym said, “the hardest part I think about being a guest star is you feel this pressure because you come in for two seconds, and it’s so fast the way you film.”

But she’s supportive of the actor’s limitations as a human being. She knows an actor needs space to “be tired” or have “a difficult time.” 

Peregrym admits the show’s cast needs to be supportive during that actor’s brief time.

“What really matters to me is the heart of the person and how the person is doing,” Peregrym said.

‘FBI’ Star’s Acting Chops On Display

With the most recent “Gone Baby Gone” episode lingering for fans, we got to see Peregrym’s acting skills in full display.

While Bell deals with an abduction and a drug deal gone wrong, the FBI agent has her sister on her mind. Fans get to see her help her alcohol-addicted singer, and websites like Cinemablend and others think it’s one of the best episodes of the season.

Will we see more episodes with a personal Maggie emotional story that comes during a big case? We’ll have to see.

Peregrym Leaving’ FBI’?

Distractify recently came out with an article mentioning rumors of the leading actress and leaving the show. Talk of another cast member leaving came up when Kellan Lutz. Lutz, who played Capt. Kenny Crosby, left the show to focus on his family. 

It doesn’t quite make sense, seeing that Peregrym seems to love being on the show.

She already took a break from the show for Season 2 in Feb. 2020. She gave birth to her son, Otis, in April of that pandemic year.

The show filmed Season 3 in October 2020. Currently, it’s in its fourth season, with the season premiere on Sept. 21.