‘FBI: International’ Drops New Clues About Forrester’s Mysterious Mother

by Chase Thomas

More clues about FBI: International are on the way about Forrester’s mysterious mother. On the latest episode of the hit CBS program, we got a little tidbit thanks to CIA Agent Michael Rafferty where he said on the show, “You’re Angela Cassidy’s son, right? So maybe you can guess why my first instinct wasn’t to hand you all my intel.”


What’s Going on with FBI: International?

Yeah, so, things are already heating up on this program. Remember the team mistook Rafferty for a villain before realizing he was a CIA Agent. The latter still did not trust them all the way, though, and withheld some important information. Now, we get more nuggets of truth out about Forrester and why he may have a shadier backstory than previously suspected. Yes, perhaps there is a conflict of interest in his relationship to his mother Angela Cassidy. By mentioning her name alone, it certainly seems like Ms. Cassidy will be appearing in future episodes of the show sooner rather than later. Now, how much of a role she will play on the program remains to be seen, but if they going to drop. such a line on the program it must be assumed we will see her on FBI: International this fall.

Very interesting.

What if Forrester is still in touch with his mother? Remember, his mother worked for the United State government in the show’s canon but was not seen again after it was believed she sold information to the Russians. Something tells us that there is more to this story and that is indeed unlikely that Forrester, who reacted so poorly to Rafferty’s mention of her, is not still in contact with his mother. If that were not the case, why react that way?

Nancy Cassidy’s Future on the Show

With how she is being mentioned on the show, there is a lot there. She did some stuff. Forrester’s character arc figures to be heavily influenced by this mysterious mother. One would think the writers and creators will save the big reveal for further down the line. The show started off hot with crossover episodes with the other program on CBS, so the need to rush her reveal is not there.

What do you think, Outsiders? How big of a character will this Nancy Cassidy figure to be? Is Forrester in trouble long-term not just with his team but with the CIA if he has been in contact with his mother who disappeared after selling information to the Russians? Season 1 of the show just began the action is already heating up. There are more questions than answers.