‘FBI: International’: Full Recap of Episode 4

by Joe Rutland

Fresh off getting a full season of episodes ordered by CBS, “FBI: International” unveiled the fourth show on Tuesday night.

The episode is titled “American Optimism” on the “FBI” franchise’s newest show.

In case you didn’t know who was in the cast, then let’s catch you up, Outsiders.

Luke Kleintank stars as Special Agent Scott Forrester, Heida Reed stars as Special Agent Jamie Kellett, and Carter Redwood plays Special Agent Andre Raines. Also, Vinessa Vidotto plays Special Agent Cameron Vo and Kristiane Paul is Europol Agent Kaetrin Jaeger.

(Spoilers follow below!)

An American citizen proclaims his innocence while seeking sanctuary at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain. He’s covered in blood after his Spanish boyfriend was murdered. Meanwhile, Vo and Raines continue to grow their friendship.

An article from Celebrity Myxer helps fill in some gaps on this episode.

We find Kellet and Forrester getting up together in the morning. Kellet is cleared to go back to work, but Forrester per her at the desk. When she arrived at the office, it was decorated. But the team had a case to get busy working on ASAP.

Drew Edmonson is a college student and he found his boyfriend, Rafael Delgado, dead in his apartment.

‘FBI: International’ Team Heads To Spain And Wants To Meet U.S. Ambassador

They go to Spain and meet U.S. Ambassador Gary Berger but he wasn’t interested in chatting. Emma Healy helped them out and Inspector Mateo Diaz thinks Edmonson is a suspect.

Well, the “FBI: International” team talks with Edmonson. He tells them what happened and thought he saw a suspect walk past him entering Rafael’s place. Edmonson found Rafael stabbed in the chest. Edmonson tried saving his boyfriend’s life but ended up running to the U.S. Embassy nearby.

He felt his citizenship and sexual orientation would make him a target. Rafael’s family reportedly was powerful, too. Edmonson told Forrester that he wanted to be treated fairly, but Forrester said he needed cooperation.

Diaz needed to interview Edmonson immediately.

Vo Makes The Save As Muñoz Tried Escaping But That Didn’t Work Out

Kellet uncovered that Rafael opened was only being emptied soon. A photo of Pedro Muñoz was in their hands. Forrester needed to see the Ambassador, but that dude stonewalled and convinced the bureaucrat to let them stay and work the case.

Muñoz tried to escape but Vo got him. Forrester and Diaz interrogated him and he fessed up that he was extorting Rafael for money from his job. He leveraged his homosexual status to get more money. Rafael came out to his family and was no longer ashamed of being exposed. Muñoz ended up killing Rafael.

“FBI: International” will be a rerun next week.